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Scottsdale, Arizona —— When the San Francisco Giants selected third baseman Jacob Gonzalez in the second round of the MLB Draft earlier this month, they did so knowing his familiarity with the professional game—Jacob’s father Luis Gonzalez was a longtime big leaguer—would help him adjust to the daily rigors of a career in baseball even at just 19 years old. And now today, as one of the newest members of the San Francisco Giants who will make his professional debut with their rookie-level Arizona Rookie League club over the weekend, Jacob Gonzalez sat down to discuss that and more on camera in a sit-down interview with the Baseball Census on-air host, Sande Charles.

Here is our full Jacob Gonzalez interview:

Fortunately, we’ll have more from Sande Charles throughout the summer and beyond. In the meantime, for more of her interviews like this Jacob Gonazalez clip, as well as hundreds of other prospect videos, please click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

If you’re stuck at work unable to watch the video (caught you!), here’s a full transcript of it, too:

Sande: I’m Sande Charles with Baseball Census, and I’m joined by newest San Francisco Giants member Jacob Gonzalez. He just turned 19, fresh out of high school. We’ve got to talk: how was draft day? What was it like?

Jacob: It was a pretty unbelievable experience. My whole family was with me, and we were just kind of sitting watching the picks go by. It seemed like the first round took forever, you know? But once it got to the second round, the picks were flying by. I was happy to just spend it with my family, and sit around waiting for something to happen. It was crazy. It’s something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.

Sande: Who was your first call after it was announced, and once you found out?

Jacob: Well, a lot of my family lives in Florida, and they were calling me and stuff, but I really just tried to soak it in with the people I was with, and I was hugging everybody. Everyone was really excited. But most of my immediate family was with me, so it was pretty crazy.

Sande: Your dad is Luis Gonzalez, Arizona Diamondbacks hero and he does now work in the front office. Did he prepare you at all for what the draft would be like and give you any advice?

Jacob: He prepared me as best he could, but it’s a pretty crazy event. You can prepare all you want for it, but until that day comes… but it definitely helps having him around because he’s been through it before, and he has all that knowledge, so it was definitely a huge help. But like I said, it was unlike anything you’ve ever experienced to actually go through it.

Sande: It’s kind of a whirlwind, right? You’re thrust in to coming on interviews now and all of this. It’s new to most people, but you grew up in the baseball world with your dad a big leaguer, always around big leaguers and different ballparks, what were you able to take away from that growing up?

Jacob: Just being around the guys and learning how to carry yourself, and how to interact with people, and how to treat people. That really helped me out a lot. And just sitting through all the press conferences and watching my dad going to different cities. All the interviews he had to do, I sat in his locker right behind him, and it was key learning how he answered questions and how he dealt with everything that was going on. That’s helped me tremendously.

Sande: You did just mention that you traveled with him and went to all different cities. You did go with him to AT&T Park a couple of times, and now you’re playing in the Giants’ organization. Have you thought about what it’s going to mean to be able to play at AT&T Park since you’ve already visited and been there?

Jacob: It’s going to be a crazy experience. They have some of the best fans in baseball, and they pack every single game, and just the winning tradition that they have going on over there. It’s really something I’ve always wanted to be a part of, especially watching it from the other side, from the Diamondbacks’ side, but now to be part of it from the Giants’ side, it definitely feels a little bit better to wear a Giants uniform.

Sande: And you are a triplet. You have two sisters. What’s the best part about being a triplet?

Jacob: Well, I always had people to help me out growing up, and we’d help each other out through school and just with anything. That was probably the best part, the interaction between all three of us.

Sande: Is there a bad part about being part of a triplet?

Jacob: I can’t say there is. Everything has been pretty great for me growing up.

Sande: Who would you say is your baseball role model?

Jacob: My dad has had the biggest influence on me, and then my uncle moved down from Florida to start coaching my club team when I was younger, so they would probably be the two people that I’ve gotten the most knowledge from growing up.

Sande: What’s the best piece of advice your dad has ever given you?

Jacob: Just to relax and go out there and have fun every day, because each day is a new day, and obviously you’re going to have some failures in this game, and some successes. But just to take each day as a new day, and attack each day.

Sande: Who would you say you compare yourself to, somebody who plays the game now?

Jacob: Well, my favorite player to watch and emulate is Nolan Arenado with the Rockies. Hopefully I’ll be playing against him in the same division in a couple years, but I like the intensity that he plays with, and the passion and energy. I can’t be a fan of him now, you know? But that’s my favorite player to watch and emulate.

Sande: His brother Jonah is part of the Giants as well, so are you looking forward to that connection?

Jacob: I am. I got to work out with him a few times this offseason, so, I’m kind of familiar with him, and I’m excited to hopefully play with Jonah one day, too.

Sande: You play third base and first base, do you prefer one over the other?

Jacob: I love third base, so hopefully I get to stay there as long as I can, but I’ll play anywhere on the field if they ask me to.

Sande: And you recently turned 19. How did you celebrate your birthday?

Jacob: I celebrated my birthday here working out at the complex. I mean, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I went to dinner with my family after practice, but other than that, it was a pretty great day.

Sande: Thank you so much, Jacob.

Jacob: Thank you for having me.

Once again: for more Sande Charles, and hundreds of other prospect videos, please click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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