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Originally selected late in the 2015 MLB Draft by the Milwaukee Brewers out of Oklahoma State University, right-handed pitching prospect Jon Perrin reached Double-A Biloxi in 2017, appearing in 23 games (12 starts) and finishing 5-3 with a 2.91 ERA over 105.1 innings pitched, with 91 strikeouts against 103 hits and 21 walks allowed. Across his entire professional career, Perrin has been something of a control artist, allowing just 1.5 BB/9 while producing 8.2 K/9 over 305 minor league innings spanning three seasons.

This fall, the Milwaukee Brewers sent Jon Perrin to the Arizona Fall League to pitch for the Salt River Rafters, and that’s where we saw him make several starts in October and November. The 24-year-old righty (DOB: May 23, 1993) threw 15.1 innings with Salt River, appearing in nine games (three starts), finishing 2-1 with a 4.70 ERA and 10 strikeouts against 19 hits and eight walks. Below, we’ve got a full Jon Perrin scouting report that includes game videos, tool grades, projection notes, and more on the 6’5″, 220 lb. right-handed pitcher.

Jon Perrin Scouting Report, Milwaukee Brewers — 2017

Dates observed in 2017: Arizona Fall League

Four-Seam Fastball (55)
Easy velocity out of his hand; primarily works at the bottom range of his velo band but can surprise when necessary and add a few ticks to fastball. Lots of arm-side life, even with this four-seam variety, but less here by way of fade or sink. Gets in on hands of RHH very well; good early pitch to establish zone and inner half on RHH. Good, consistent downward plane thanks to height and release point even without fade/sink. Velocity: 92-94, T 95.

Two-Seam Fastball (60)
Exceptional sinking fastball; very tight, late arm-side run with sink. Downward plane from tall frame helps play up sink and late life. Easy velocity here, even at the top of velo band without losing a lot in pitch life. Arm action deception and cross-body mechanics significantly aid value of two-seamer. Strong command profile; will get it consistently out to glove-side corner, with modest feel for leaving it off plate and letting it run late back over the corner. Chance to be a true power two-seamer/sinker that can show in any count and get a lot of ground balls. Velocity: 89-92, T 93.

Changeup (50)
Lots of arm-side life; plenty of run with some natural fade. Appears that he’s holding a circle change at release. Trusts pitch; will throw it, even when down in count and especially to LHH as a way to get off the barrel and draw weak contact. Command slightly below average in my looks, and movement was early, often, and occasionally lazy; consistent downward action but lacking in late bite or deception once it leaves his hand. Raw life is there; needs modest refinement but could become solid off-speed look. Velocity: 82-84, T 85.

Slider (45)
10-to-4; sharp, but with more sweeping action than the curveball; distinct as its own breaking ball. Surprising level of depth even at top velocity band; good complement to arm-side running two-seamer, especially against RHH. Command improvements necessary to both sides of the plate; also needs consistency in break to avoid slower, sweeping breaking balls that lack true late bite. Velocity: 84-86, T 87.

Curveball (40)
11-to-5 with hump, but it’ll sometimes bleed into a lazy 10-to-4 slurve when he fails to get on top and out front. Enough downward movement to use against LHH at its best. Potential to be a wipeout/strikeout pitch at its best, with good feel for early (in zone) and late (in the dirt) use in counts. At its worst, too lazy and slowly sweeping to consistently miss bats. For me, curve is behind slider right now. Velocity: 78-81, T 81.

Control/Command (60/55)
Plus control with above-average command of a tough repertoire that has plenty of natural and late life. Will miss spots because of late movement, but enough life here that he can survive when down in the zone; will get hit on misses higher in zone as balls flatten out. Command profile is there to remain a back-end rotation arm; will considerably help his ceiling that he can throw consistent strikes with his entire repertoire.

Three-quarters release point with some downward plane from height. Lots of hand movement up to balance and before break. Breaks hands early; shows ball in a pause before arm swing; RHH in particular will see it very well there. Works on the extreme first base side of the rubber; lands closed off to plate with toe pointing straight ahead; throws somewhat across body with follow through generally straight on to plate.

Calm, composed on the mound. Good tempo, works quickly, pushes pace. Unremarkable otherwise.

Jon Perrin Scouting Report — Milwaukee Brewers — 2017 Game Video

Jon Perrin Scouting Report — Notes & Analysis

Jon Perrin isn’t anything particularly special, but he really grew on me the more I saw him pitch this fall for Salt River. He has a deep repertoire with some ability to manipulate pitches and sequence hitters with different wrinkles the first and second time through the order, even with the short leash he was on at AFL. The Milwaukee Brewers prospect is a consistent strike thrower with a proclivity for challenging hitters, and he’ll throw virtually anything in any count, the combination of which results in consistently weak contact when he’s keeping the ball down in the zone.

His two-seam sinker has a chance to be a special pitch aided by Perrin’s command profile, and the righty maintains enough of a distinction between his curve and slider at their best that he should be able to continue using both, and even play them off each other as consistency improves. Perrin will be 25 years old in May, so it’s really time to make a move towards The Show, but I think he’s in a particularly good position to do so and could become something of a nice sleeper surprise who could help the Milwaukee Brewers out fairly soon.

Jon Perrin Scouting Report — Future Projection

Jon Perrin is unspectacular but consistent, a strike-thrower with composure and an arsenal that has gotten by even when lacking in above-average stuff. Because of that, the future profile is likely in middle or long relief, with a swingman starting gig as a possibility here or there. For me, though, there’s still an outside shot Perrin out-pitches the projection and finds himself starting more than a few games as a back-end rotation arm. His ability to manipulate and change his sinking fastball with the trust to play his entire arsenal off the pitch gives the Milwaukee Brewers prospect tools to face hitters from both sides multiple times through a lineup.

Perrin is not a prospect, and he must succeed above Double-A before we go too far, so 2018 is the first step to that; I’d expect him to spend much of the year in Triple-A and maybe even get a first crack at the big leagues in Milwaukee depending on how he pitches. But even with the righty more of a fringy arm than a big league difference maker, don’t lose sight of Jon Perrin for too long; this kid knows how to pitch with an arsenal deep enough to execute what he wants to do, and the command profile that’ll aid him in the big leagues in whatever role he may hold.

Overall Future Potential (Future Value): Deep enough repertoire to earn a back-end rotation gig at ceiling; floor as up-and-down swingman or in middle/long relief (45)

MLB ETA: 2018

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