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One of the top prospects in baseball in 2017, Washington Nationals outfielder Victor Robles made his big league debut at the very end of the summer, going 6-for-24 over 13 games in D.C. after splitting the year between High-A Potomac and Double-A Harrisburg. It was a nice dress rehearsal for the speedy, athletic 21-year-old (DOB: May 19, 1997) outfielder, who then went to the Arizona Fall League to play a few times a week for the Mesa Solar Sox. It was there, in Mesa, that we observed Robles multiple times throughout the six-week AFL slate.

The outfield prospect comes exactly as advertised: a great all-around athlete with average-or-better tools across the board and intangibles that suggest he could become an above-average big leaguer one day soon, if not an outright star. He’s got the tools and personality to succeed in the big leagues with some growth, and the Nats likely have themselves a center fielder of the future here. Below, you’ll find our full Victor Robles scouting report, including tool grades, game notes, projections, and game video for the Washington Nationals outfield prospect.

Victor Robles Scouting Report, Washington Nationals — 2017

Dates observed in 2017: Arizona Fall League

Hit (60)
Comfortable in the batter’s box; will work deep counts. Tracks pitches extremely well with good pitch recognition. Above-average contact skills with consistent ability to get the barrel on the ball and manipulate it with some understanding of how to drive pitches. Comfortable using the whole field, and that’ll help him against big league pitching in 2018 and beyond.

Power (50)
Below-average raw power and game power for me right now, but plenty of time to grow into his body and adjust to the big leagues to where he’ll rise to average power. Athletic, strong build; wiry with room to grow, but musculature with a good base to build upon as he ages. Above-average bat speed and efficient bat path will help develop average game power as he learns how to leverage his swing to hit the ball in the air with authority.

Glove (60)
Good range and anticipation in center field. Reads balls well off the bat, and comes in well on short pop flies; quick reaction times and first step off the bat. Reliable defensive center fielder; will undoubtedly stick at the position.

Arm (60)
Above-average arm strength and accuracy; good carry on throws. Quick release from outfield, good situational awareness on throwing to bases and anticipating runners. Enough arm to work in right, though athleticism/range will keep him in center. Able to play deeper with good arm strength and speed in on balls in front of him.

Speed (70)
Had him timed in a 4.11 - 4.16 cluster to first base at AFL. Easy runner; smooth out of the box with easy/immediate access to top speed. Covers quite a bit of ground in center field with good first step and instincts off the bat. Legitimate stolen base threat, too, who shows good instincts and situational awareness on bases, though likely needs to refine reading of pitchers, etc. One of the best athletes on the field throughout AFL; athleticism really manifests itself in speed tool.

Noticeably well-liked by AFL teammates; natural team leader with charisma. Plays light and loose; very relaxed and having fun with teammates. Talks to everybody; approachable. Team leader potential as he ages and grows into MLB experience; truly the total package (tools and intangibles) with very bright future ahead.

Victor Robles Scouting Report, Washington Nationals — 2017 Game Video

Victor Robles Scouting Report — Notes & Analysis

Victor Robles is what he is, and what’s hopefully been shown so far in this scouting report: a hell of a solid player with the tools and intangibles to be an above-average everyday centerfielder in the Major Leagues for years to come. Simple enough, right?

I supposed I’d rather use this space, then, to very briefly examine a value comparison between him and Atlanta Braves outfield prospect Ronald Acuna — the other top prospect who starred in the AFL this fall. They’re both pretty clearly exceptional players, but if you held a gun to my head today and made me choose, I’d take Acuna ahead of Robles to enter 2018. Acuna is a little more raw in approach, especially at the plate, but he’s got Robles’ speed and athleticism with more raw power, significantly more game power, and, for me, a pretty significantly stronger throwing arm in the outfield. I’ll go deeper on Acuna in his own scouting report in a couple weeks, but just comparing out tool grades has me here:

Victor Robles
Ronald Acuna
Overall FV

Again, this is just a useless thought exercise and ought to take nothing away from Victor Robles, who is a damn solid outfielder with abundant tools at the plate and on the bases. Just consider it a detour in an analysis section put forth by a guy who watched Robles and Acuna go at it day after day in the Arizona Fall League over the last six weeks. Depending on your viewings, biases, perspectives (and fandoms)… your mileage may vary.

Victor Robles Scouting Report — Future Projection

Taking all normal assumptions (health, etc.), Victor Robles ought to be on the 25-man roster for the Washington Nationals to begin the 2018 season. If he isn’t a starter then, he will be shortly thereafter, and there’s no reason not to expect him to be a solid, first-division everyday starter in center field with a long window ahead of him. Regarding Acuna, I could be wrong, and Robles could turn out to be the stronger big leaguer (there’s more risk in Acuna’s profile, so it’s entirely possible), but whether it’s even worthwhile to keep comparing the two (it’s not), it doesn’t matter much: the Washington Nationals have themselves a bona fide impact player here who should turn into a really, really nice big league piece solid and consistent across the board beginning this coming season.

Overall Future Potential (Future Value): Above-average/first-division everyday outfielder (60)

MLB ETA: 2017

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Bobby DeMuro is the founder of Baseball Census. A former college and independent league baseball player, he now watches more than 200 games a year working full time for the site. You can follow him on Twitter @BobbyDeMuro for more.

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