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Yeison Coca Scouting Report, Milwaukee Brewers — December, 2017

Full Name: Yeison Antonio (Jimenez) Coca
DOB: May 22, 1999 (18)
Birthplace: Monte Plata, Dom. Rep.
School: N/A
Acquired: June 2017 Trade (BOS)
Height, Weight: 5’10”, 155 lbs.
Bats/Throws: S/R
Dates Observed: August 7-14, 2017
Previous Reports: None
Affiliate(s): AZL Brewers (Rookie, Milwaukee Brewers)

Tool (FV)
Notes & Comments
Hit (40)
Quick-twitch athlete with bat speed from both sides of the plate, particularly as LHH. Above-average contact skills thanks to good hand-eye coordination and pitch recognition from both sides of the plate; remarkable bat control with some barrel manipulation for contact, though little of it for power and tends to slap at times as LHH. Athletic and explosive at the plate, but often off-balance and tends to be overaggressive, even within the strike zone. Can make up for it at present with quick hands and knack for contact. Lots of hand and body movement into load and through his swing — some wasted/unnecessary actions here in bid for leverage and should be smoothed out in time. Long term, Coca is a project at the plate but contact skills will push him forward and potentially turn him into a workable piece.

Power (30)
Very little power from right or left side of the plate; doubles profile at best with good speed and gap-to-gap skills. Punchy hitter who slaps a lot of ground balls and lacks natural physical strength with slight build. Above-average bat speed with some leverage in his swing mechanics that’d be promising, but lacks physicality and bat plane to manifest itself as consistent pop barring major swing changes. Even as he fills out some with age, can’t imagine significant power at any point in his career, and should fit in fine as a table-setter with an occasional gap-to-gap look.

Glove (50)
Young but promising glove at shortstop with a chance to stick there beyond the AZL. Lateral quickness to both sides and comfortable fielding to backhand in the hole. Very, very raw at present, though. Will need repetition to iron out footwork and execution to first base and will make fair share of errors until he gets there. Focus and consistency are major focal points, perhaps related to age and (lack of) maturity; will make exceptional play only to turn around and kick a routine ball. Not worried too much with that at present; young guy with athleticism and feel for the position, good reactions, anticipation, etc. and should improve over the next few years.

Arm (45)
Strong but raw; promising but lots of development to come. As with glove, arm is promising but inconsistent; good arm strength with surprisingly good carry and a little velo behind it from the left side, even in the hole, but accuracy and mechanics are inconsistent. Will take ill-advised chances. Should grow into arm strength and execution in time; for me, feels like arm will remain slightly below average, but he might have enough to stick at shortstop.

Speed (50)
Had him from 4.21 - 4.24 out of the left-handed batter’s box with slightly slower times (4.29 - 4.33) as a right-handed hitter, as well as a 4.04 LHH bunt. Decent foot speed overall aided by quickness on defense. Moves very well to both sides with quick reactions; perhaps some potential to use athleticism to steal a few bases as his career continues.

Yeison Coca is what he is — a kid. Wiry, slight build that’ll put on some muscle in a few years with makeup/maturity still developing in front of our eyes. He’s extremely raw, but he’s where he should be at this point, and he could turn into a nice sleeper/fringe guy in a couple years as a middle infield prospect with defensive chops. The Milwaukee Brewers seem to like athletic, versatile middle infielders with defensive upside, and Coca is another example there. Long, long road ahead with plenty of chances to plateau before ceiling, but upside and athleticism are worth a second look.

OFP (45 FV)
High risk with a considerable development path ahead, but abundant athleticism, projectable body, and interesting set of raw tools have me playing the long game on Yeison Coca: I think he’s got platoon/utility upside in the middle infield at his ceiling. At floor, he’ll fall naturally back into a bench/up-and-down role with his skill set. Long, long road ahead to actualize and could still wind up organizational depth, but considering his age, I think there’s good reason to be optimistic. Will take a few years, but may turn out to be a nice under-the-radar trade acquisition for the Milwaukee Brewers. MLB ETA: 2022.

Yeison Coca Scouting Report, Milwaukee Brewers — Game Video

In addition to our Yeison Coca scouting report, we have game video below. Watch more Milwaukee Brewers prospect videos when you click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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