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Connor Sealey Scouting Report, Saddleback College — February, 2018

Full Name: Connor Sealey
Birthplace: San Clemente, CA
School: San Clemente HS
Height, Weight: 5’8”, 160 lbs.
Position: RHP
Bats/Throws: R/R
Dates Observed: 2018 — February 1
Affiliate(s): Saddleback College (Orange Empire Conference)
Previous Coverage: None

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Fastball (40/55)
Hard fastball with some arm-side run and modest fade downward at times; jumps out of his hand with quick arm action on the backside and deceptively good velocity relative to his small stature. Fastball works well as a power pitch out of the bullpen at this level; will need some more velo to work against better hitters, especially without an average command profile, but there’s a good foundation here and it’s feasible to think he could turn into a low 90s arm in the next couple years as his body fills out a bit and he further develops that natural arm strength and arm speed. Unafraid to challenge hitters with it and will fill up the zone early and often; borderline dominant pitch in that regard at times. Velocity: 86-89.

Slider (35/45)
Sweeping, hard slider with 10-to-4 break; by far his best off-speed pitch with feel side to side and ability to throw it for a strike in any count to challenge hitters. Tendency to pitch backwards off it at times because he trusts it enough to throw it for a strike early; identical mechanics, arm action, and arm speed as fastball, so tough to read it out of his hand and appears deceptive to hitters who took some uncomfortable swings in my looks. Would do well to throw it harder (low to mid 80s) and make it tighter, but that’ll come in time assuming velo increase to fastball, too. Velocity: 72-76.

Changeup (25/35)
Firm without great feel side to side; lacks tumble or downward life and works primarily as a show-me pitch in my looks. Speed differential an issue; almost throws it too hard, and could stand to manipulate it for more consistent arm-side life. Some work to do on this pitch, but arm speed and arm action are at least consistent with fastball/slider; good enough to survive as a third pitch against amateur hitters, but will need to improve significantly (or transition down to two-pitch look) against professionals one day. Velocity: 80-82.

Command (35/40)
Fills up the zone with control far ahead of command right now; lacks nuanced feel side to side and will miss spots within the strike zone, still challenging hitters but not always tunneling the ball where he needs it. Command profile screams reliever moving forward as he is now; does well to challenge hitters with a bulldog mentality though. Will throw a ton of strikes and try to dispatch hitters quickly; aggressive hitters should do well against him early with hard stuff, but breaking balls late make for tough fare at this level right now.

Works from the first base side of the rubber. Three-quarters release with very short, quick arm action; former infielder, so that makes some sense as a natural arm swing in his transition to the mound. Throws across his body some with slightly closed landing, giving a bit of deception and extra pitch life. Some drop and drive through his stride to the plate; will throw nearly uphill at times because of that and his lack of height/downward plane. Works quickly, fills up the strike zone; good athlete with repeatable mechanics in short relief stints; holds runners fairly well and moves well off the mound defensively.

Classic undersized guy with a big arm and use of a few pitches for strikes in relief repertoire; probably won’t get as many major college offers as he should, but there’s a solid bullpen fit for him down the road. Profile aided by athleticism and decent natural strength even despite small stature. Should throw harder over the next couple years; he’ll be a monster at 92-93 with a hard slider if/when that happens.

MLB Draft
Unlikely MLB Draft follow for 2018, but potential MLB Draft candidate after his four-year stop as his velocity and slider continue to improve. Most likely path forward will be as an undrafted fee agent, but regardless of how he gets there, it’s easy to imagine Connor Sealey as a relief fireman in pro ball sitting in the low 90s with a power slider, even at his stature. To do this, he must continuously prove himself on the field without projectability and size, though.

OFP (40 FV)
Almost certainly will remain a reliever for the rest of his career, and should have success at four-year stop after Saddleback College in a set-up/closer role. Profiles well in low minor leagues as a reliever if he can jump into the low 90s with harder slider; if he ever reaches The Show, it’ll be as a long/middle reliever working in low-leverage situations. Underdog story here with legitimate potential on the mound, but ultimately must produce results year in and year out to keep getting chances at stops beyond Saddleback. MLB ETA: 2022.

Connor Sealey Scouting Report, Saddleback College — Game Video

In addition to our Connor Sealey scouting report, we have game video below. You can get more Saddleback College prospect videos when you click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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