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Rudy Aguilar Scouting Report, Ventura College — February 2018

Full Name: Rodolfo Aguilar
Birthplace: Santa Clarita, CA
School: Saugus HS
Height, Weight: 6’0”, 180 lbs.
Position: SS
Bats/Throws: R/R
Dates Observed: 2018 — February 6; 2017 — October 6, April 11-16, March 11-16
Affiliate(s): Ventura College (CCCAA, Western State Conference)
Previous Coverage: October 9, 2017 — Click Here

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Hit (35/45)
Hit tool has changed a bit for the better since the last time we saw him in action back in October; back elbow starts lower with hands slightly lower; bat path adjusted from straight down onto the ball to a flatter plane that’s allowing him to hit the ball in the air more consistently. Weight transfer has improved, too; he’s cut down his leg kick, but is now producing a nice amount of leverage through his lower half as he drives his swing through the zone. Won’t hit for much power even with the changes (more below), but now far more likely to spray line drives gap to gap here with a more sustainable approach at the plate that will transition well to pro ball. Still showing good awareness of the strike zone and promising pitch recognition as before; below-average bat speed, though, and lacks real raw pop in his bat to become an impact hitter. My hunch is he’ll be a below-average hitter at ceiling, even with swing adjustments, but there’s enough here to produce a bit while letting the glove carry him forward.

Power (30/35)
Still not a ton of power in his swing, despite changing swing mechanics to better focus on line drives and balls hit in the air. New mechanics will benefit him gap-to-gap, but he’s just never going to hit a ton of home runs. Below-average bat speed here and lacking in wrist/hand strength to really drive the ball and manipulate the barrel for pop. Can’t see power as a significant part of his game at the pro level; he will primarily be a singles/gap hitter at the very top or bottom of the lineup and providing value with the glove.

Glove (45/55)
Impressive in how he’s continuously improved over the last year and a half at Ventura College; soft hands with great feel for the ball on the ground — in on soft, react to hard, tough hops, side to side etc. He knows he’s good, and he can get overly casual and flashy at times to his own detriment, but that’s relatively rare, and the underlying fundamentals are there; clean actions, great anticipation, strong throwing arm with a quick release, good internal clock to get rid of the ball early against good runners coming up the line. Decent size to stick at short physically, and good underlying athleticism; great range. Now having seen a few dozen JuCo clubs in 2018, can say with confidence that Rudy Aguilar is the best infield defender I’ve come across at this level. He’s got the chops to stick at shortstop to begin his professional career and likely for a while after that.

Arm (45/50)
Strong arm with quick release aided by short, efficient arm action. Good accuracy and carry from deep in the hole and across the infield; could use a bit more velocity on throws from his backhand side, but that will come in time as he further grows into the position at the next level.

Speed (40/45)
Clocked 4.33, 4.39, and 4.40 to first base in my February 2018 look; below-average foot speed with some plodding action as a runner. Won’t steal many bases. Footwork defensively is where his foot speed comes alive, though; quick first step with situational awareness and anticipation that gets him off the ball quickly. Light on his feet at shortstop with equal ability to go to backhand and forehand. Impressive range, particularly up the middle.

Good size and some physicality to him already, though it hasn’t manifested itself in exceptional raw physical strength yet, especially as it relates to pop. Will fill out some on his body; strong lower half in particular with some strength to add there; relatively weaker upper half comparatively. Team leader who has begun to assert himself in second year at Ventura College — visibly taking charge in infield meetings on the mound, leading team stretches and workouts, etc. Bodes well for future development at higher levels.

MLB Draft
Going to sneak up on some people as a 2018 MLB Draft follow come June; committed to St. John’s University as his four-year stop after Ventura. Will be an MLB Draft selection at some point, whether now or after St. John’s, but may be proving himself developed enough already to to get a phone call in June and an opportunity this summer in short-season ball.

OFP (45 FV)
I think he eventually gets moved off short to transition into a platoon/utility infield role at ceiling in pro ball. He’s good enough to play short for at least a few years into his pro career, but a lack of true foot speed and a little less than ideal arm strength for an everyday role at the position should push him towards a utility role at the highest level. If approach changes at the plate continue to develop and he proves himself able to produce offensively, perhaps there’s an opening here as a third baseman; he’ll really need to hit to do that. Above all, the glove is ready — Rudy Aguilar is going to get a shot at pro ball soon enough with his defensive work likely to carry him to some success as a versatile utility infielder. MLB ETA: 2022.

Rudy Aguilar Scouting Report, Ventura College — Game Video

In addition to our Rudy Aguilar scouting report, we have game video below. You can get more Ventura College prospect videos when you click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

And then compare some of those more recent clips with the swing mechanics Rudy Aguilar had early last spring, as a freshman at Ventura College:

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