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Wyatt Regis Scouting Report

Right-Handed Pitcher
Mt. San Antonio College

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Fastball (40/60)
Tons of arm-side life on his fastball; when he stays on top of it, he’s got great sink and run to arm side. Can’t quite yet manipulate it consistently enough to get it every pitch, but plenty of life provides margin of error with command; three quarters arm angle further aids downward movement; he doesn’t really throw anything straight. Velocity drops from the stretch; he’s consistently 85-89 mph from the windup, but will drop to 84-86 from stretch; inconsistent mechanics and release points play a role there, too. Chance for a pretty nasty power sinker with command improvements and natural strength/velocity increase that’ll come in time. Velocity: 84-89.

Slider (35/50)
Slider tends to be pretty flat; 10-to-4 sweeping break without late downward bite most times, but he can manipulate it a little bit to miss bats and get off one plane. As with fastball, considerable inconsistency in execution but will already flash fringe-average. To his credit, he’s not afraid to throw it and he spots it very well; used with some success for him as a back-door pitch; will pitch hitters backwards quite a bit with it, to some success. Must get more consistent break downward rather than horizontal movement to make the jump to an average secondary. Velocity: 74-79.

Changeup (30/40)
Looks like a split-change or ever a splitter at times; nearly knuckles at times out of his hand with hard, late tumble that’s different from a circle or straight change. Pitch is very firm with some arm-side run at times, but will knuckle at other times and really fall off the table; struggles to consistently command it, and he’ll bury it a few feet in front of home plate too often when he needs it to be a competitive pitch. Great arm action and arm speed help sell it; if he can master consistency in execution, shot here for a workable third pitch, particularly as a weapon to LHH. Velocity: 79-81.

Command (30/40)
Spotty command and below-average control right now; long arm action and mechanical inconsistencies betray release point and he has a tendency to fly open and leave pitches up and arm side when not in sync, particularly from the stretch. Ample life on all his pitches—particularly side-to-side movement on fastball and slider—further makes command a challenge right now. Will be interested to see if he every truly develops a command profile to start games at the next level; may be best served as a power bullpen arm in a few years’ time because above-average command may well elude him.

Works from the first base side of the rubber; cross-body thrower who lands closed from a drop-and-drive delivery with a three-quarters arm slot. Long, lean, lots of legs and long levers that he hasn’t quite figured out how to get in sync yet; long arm action on the back swing that shows the ball early, particularly to LHH. Surprisingly good athlete coming off the mound; moves very well to bunts, etc., better than what you’d expect at his size. Captured consistent range of 1.34 — 1.40 times to first base with runners on. Velocity drops from the stretch; 85-89 from the windup, 84-86 from the stretch.

Big, strong kid with a great frame and some room left to grow into his projectable body (already listed at 6’5″, 205 lbs. as a freshman). With that, he’s got a good shot to throw considerably harder in the next couple years as he builds strength and power to pack onto that frame. I love the way he competes; challenges hitters even without his best stuff or command; in both starts I’ve seen, he’s gotten stronger as the game has gone on and stuff has improved deeper into the game. Must work on pacing and tempo, particularly in tough situations with runners on base; gets visibly frustrated with himself and wears his emotions on his sleeve when going badly, which can affect his energy level and competitive edge a little bit; minor flaw though, which can be easily corrected through development.

MLB Draft
Probably not an MLB Draft follow for 2018, but he’ll almost certainly be in the conversation in the coming couple years; very projectable, durable frame that’s ideal for pro ball with the pitch life and ability to manipulate his repertoire that will make him very difficult to hit if he can add some velocity. Quick, strong start to junior college career a sign of good things to come; off the radar now, but could become a decent prospect in 2019 or 2020.

OFP (50 FV)
For the time being, and the next couple years, it’d be in his interest to remain a starter and iron out flaws mechanical and otherwise with consistent innings in a rotation; if his command improves considerably, there’s enough size and stuff here to grow into a mid-rotation or back-end starter’s role as a professional. A realistic look at his command profile and ample pitch life ultimately makes me wonder about his long-term future as a starter, though; for me, Wyatt Regis is more likely to eventually slot into a high-leverage set-up/short relief role as he develops power stuff over the next 2-4 years upon his graduation into and development through pro ball.

Wyatt Regis Scouting Report, Mt. San Antonio College — Game Video

In addition to our Wyatt Regis scouting report, we have game video below. You can get more Mt. San Antonio College prospect videos when you click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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