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Riley Ohl Scouting Report

Right-Handed Pitcher
Cypress College

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Four-Seam Fastball (45/60)
Great physicality and height, tons of size with plenty of downhill action and great plane from the fastball. Potential for hard-hard look with power fastball that will develop plus velo; thus far relatively easy to blow guys away at this level, but more coming. Tons of life arm-side, even with four-seamer; natural boring action that really gets in on RHH; heavy with that late life; far better command and inevitable velo bump will make this a plus pitch. Velocity: 88-92.

Two-Seam Fastball (40/55)
Hard arm-side run with a ton of natural, late life aided further by sink and downhill plane; can get out of control to arm-side, though, and will lose target and feel for strike zone with it. Bouts of wildness; particularly difficult against LHH with nothing to keep him honest arm-side. When on, tons of hard, late run that’s nearly overpowering, and can really tie up RHH on inner half. Good start; needs subtlety and consistency. Velocity: 85-90.

Changeup (30/45)
Firm, lacks tumble and life; lack of nuance to it right now, functioning more as a show-me pitch to flash with limited potential against LHH. Will benefit from refinement of it at Cypress College with their changeup reputation; long way to go, but to his credit, Riley Ohl can fill the zone with it now and there’s some deception here with similar arm speed/action, etc. Chance to be a decent pitch in time if he cans how ability to tunnel it alongside fastball, especially to arm-side. Velocity: 77-80.

Slider (40/50)
Harder slider with tight, short 11-to-5 break and some feel for side to side work in the strike zone. Will need more consistent and pronounced depth to really be a strikeout pitch, but it’s a nice equal/opposite complement to the two-seamer and I like how he’s already throwing it hard with nice, tight spin. Unsure if it’s going to be enough of a strikeout pitch for him long term; more than anything else, slider development could dictate floor/ceiling . Velocity: 78-82.

Command (30/45)
Control well ahead of command; struggles to corral pitch life on fastballs to arm side; particularly iffy against LHH with nothing to keep him honest on outer half in my looks. Decent, encouraging strike zone feel for both off-speed pitches, but lacking nuance side to side with them. Will fight pretty significant bouts of wildness, particularly off the plate to arm side, and struggles to make a quick adjustment to overcome it. Plenty of upside through full profile but need to see command improve significantly for rotation future at higher levels of pro ball; hitter-to-hitter command adjustments imperative.

Tall-and-fall guy with high three-quarters release point, the combination of which produces a great downhill plane from 6’6″ height. Fairly efficient, quick arm action with very good arm speed; hides the ball pretty well, particularly from RHH. Works from the extreme first base side of the rubber to counteract some of the arm-side run in his profile. Pretty significant recoil through follow through; high effort delivery with some moving parts and a fair amount of exertion; athletic enough to repeat right now, but lacks consistency in delivery and release point. Long to the plate from the stretch with runners on base; plenty of efficiency to develop in a variety of places through windup and stretch.

Listed at 6’6″, 190 lbs. long and lean with plenty of physical projection left through his frame. Enough raw strength and potential for more physicality here to remain a rotation arm into pro ball; will be able to add a good amount of ‘good’ weight in the coming years. Bounce-back to Cypress College from the University of Nevada, where he threw quite a few key innings as a true freshman before deciding to transfer back home; well-positioned as an MLB Draft arm come June. 

MLB Draft
Very likely MLB Draft arm in a few months; physical projection with great height and powerful repertoire with plenty of upside remaining. Pitch life and raw arm strength are foundation to develop into solid rotation arm. Haven’t heard of a four-year commitment beyond Cypress College should be not be selected in this summer’s MLB Draft, but Riley Ohl is without question a Division I-quality arm and will get a shot at pro ball, too, whether now or later.

OFP (55 FV)
Size, repertoire, and natural pitch life to slot in firmly as a mid-rotation arm at ceiling (#3/#4); higher risk/longer development ahead, particularly in improving command profile, to really reach that projection. Ideal physical stature for a rotation role; will fill out nicely in the coming years and should prove durable enough to start every fifth day as a pro. A little more advanced than most junior college arms on account of his true freshman year at Nevada, and that should help him transition into pro ball; love to see him turn into a big, physical work horse who attacks hitters with power repertoire and never really lets up. MLB ETA: 2022.

Riley Ohl Scouting Report, Cypress College — Game Video

In addition to our Riley Ohl scouting report, we have game video below. You can get more Cypress College prospect videos when you click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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