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Xavier Scruggs Scouting Report (스크럭스)

First Baseman
NC Dinos (엔씨 다이노스) — KBO

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Hit (35/35)
Has developed above-average power at the expense of his hit tool. Tendency to leak out in front; will get fooled and lunge forward; chases off-speed down and away with below-average pitch recognition. Particularly bad sequence in video below on Ko Young-pyo breaking balls; doesn’t pick up spin very well and can be beat with good off-speed. That said, strong enough and possesses enough hand-eye coordination to flick wrists and still make hard contact even when off balance; dangerous power hitter with proven ability to work deep counts and draw walks even in spite of tendency for strikeouts.

Power (55/60)
Xavier Scruggs is Eric Thames‘ replacement with NC Dinos, brought in specifically to hit for power. Did that to the tune of three-dozen bombs last year; brought back in 2018 to do it again. Abundant raw power; flicked his wrists off front foot and hit a ball off the top of the scoreboard at LoanMart Field last week; above-average bat speed with natural swing path and barrel manipulation to lift the ball, particularly on inner half. Enjoying life in a hitter’s league in KBO, but raw power is plus and game power is above-average with proven, long-standing ability to produce over-the-fence pop. Power was his carrying tool to brief big league stints last few years, and will remain his carrying tool for KBO success.

Glove (40/40)
Unremarkable but serviceable at first base; decent athlete who moves fairly well and can hold his own enough to keep the spot, but Xavier Scruggs is here for his bat. Will spend some time as DH too, but no outfield work; limited to first/DH splits without consistent OF work.

Arm (40/40)
As with glove, unremarkable but serviceable; ultimately below-average strength and carry on throws; accuracy fine. Will be good enough at first base. No outfield work; limited to first/DH splits without consistent OF work.

Speed (30/30)
Timed him 4.41 - 4.47 out of the RHH box; decent top speed for a big guy once he really gets going, but it takes a little while to get there. Not a runner; further, lacks ideal athletic ability to play anywhere but first base. Speed not a part of his game.

Signed a $1.3 million deal with NC Dinos ahead of the 2018 season; seems to have found a home here in much the same way as Thames did a few years ago before his big league comeback. We’ll see if Xavier Scruggs can write the same story Thames did coming back to America; profile entirely dependent on power bat considering defensive limitations and general lack of speed and hit tools. Will benefit from broadly hitter-friendly KBO environment.

OFP (45 FV)
Can’t imagine him as much more than a first base/DH platoon option if he ever returns to MLB from KBO; power is only remaining notable tool in the toolbox, and while impressive, it leaves little margin for error and ultimately limited upside. Add to that Scruggs’ lack of big league track record and the deck may be stacked against him. Some broad similarities to Thames, though, so you never know. Regardless, after a long minor league career without breaking through, good on Xavier Scruggs for getting paid and finding a home later in his career. MLB ETA: N/A.

Xavier Scruggs Scouting Report (스크럭스), NC Dinos (엔씨 다이노스) — Game Video

In addition to our Xavier Scruggs scouting report (스크럭스), we have game video below. You can get more NC Dinos (엔씨 다이노스) prospect videos when you click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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