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Ezele Wicks Scouting Report

Golden West College

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Hit (45/55)
Tall hitter; high, tight hands to body; leaking high back elbow. Aggressive hitter looking to swing; some maturity to be had in approach here; will chase down out of the zone. Not much of a stride or kick through to load position; simple set-up with bat-to-ball approach. Some downward plane through swing and quite a bit of ground ball contact in my looks; gets out of the box remarkably well and runs quickly, but sacrifices some natural (high) follow-through to hustle up the line. Big, strong kid with shot to do damage to his pull side, but doesn’t consistently look there to drive the ball yet. Promising contact skills for profile; barrel manipulation for power hasn’t shown up yet.

Power (40/50)
Strong kid with big, strong shoulders; no doubt there’s raw power in physical, athletic frame. Lacks consistent ability to swing on a plane conducive to hitting the ball in the air, and will chop down on the ball some from high stance and set. Would love to see him really set back into his load leg and drive the ball in the air more consistently; no doubt there’s a shot for at least average game power here and plenty more raw; will be a project with some swing adjustments coming to adjust to the pro game.

Glove (30/45)
Objectively fast on run times (below) but doesn’t cover as much ground as expected in right field; average to poor reads on the ball off the bat, late jumps to balls hit in the air. Struggled with the sun multiple times in one of my looks and failed to make the adjustment. Athleticism can make up for a lot of this, and hunch is he just needs more game innings to iron out some of these issues. That said, raw there right now and may be temporarily better suited for left field should he jump to a higher level soon; long term, athletic enough to correct and develop.

Arm (40/50)
Decent enough arm in right field; OK velocity, good carry; throws generally stay true and on target without tail or run up the line. Strong feel for accuracy; executes throws well. He could flash plus raw arm strength in time but will at least be average with some development; should eventually profile well enough in either corner role with just enough arm to survive in right, even without true plus tool there.

Speed (50/60)
Timed him 4.26 up the line out of the RHH box; 4.51 on the turn. Good speed and more to come as he grows into his body and gets more game experience. Off to the races stealing bags early this season for Golden West College; raw there with more of a feel for out-running catchers than really reading pickoffs/pitcher sets at this point. Raw, but great foundation upon which to build a runner; defensively speaking, maybe enough speed to eventually sneak into center field role if routes and reads can improve.

Listed at 6’1″, 175 lbs.; broad, strong shoulders with well-built upper half and skinnier, more lean lower half through waist and legs; plenty of room to grow into athletic frame and should add a considerable amount of good weight in the next few years. Strong kid; good athlete; raw and underdeveloped in nuanced approach to game, but the more innings he gets, the better off he’ll be. Golden West College was blown out early in one of my looks and he showed some particularly lackadaisical body language through that; not enough to question full makeup, but an outlier moment worth a mention.

MLB Draft
Frame, musculature, and raw skills/athleticism well-suited for a long MLB Draft look; raw right now, but easy to imagine him as a project for an organization to send to their complex league rookie team this summer and/or the next. Plenty of physical upside that in turn will develop power and speed tools nicely; body and toolbox will play in pro ball one day, whether now or down the road. Producing stats on a speed/power mix early here in JuCo career helps make his case to continue to be tested at higher levels.

OFP (50 FV)
Broadly similar to guys like Corbin Williams and Steele Ledford in the sense that raw athleticism, physicality, and burgeoning mix of tools point him to an everyday outfielder ceiling. And as with Williams and Ledford, raw, underdeveloped traits make it a high risk/long road look to get there. There’s plenty of short-season/complex league time ahead for Ezele Wicks if he’s taken in the MLB Draft this summer, but physical upside and potential for multi-tool development to average/above-average make for an enticing combo and a high upside prospect. MLB ETA: 2023.

Ezele Wicks Scouting Report, Golden West College — Game Video

In addition to our Ezele Wicks scouting report, we have game video below. You can get more Golden West College prospect videos when you click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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