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Elijah Greene Scouting Report

Mt. San Antonio College

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Hit (45/60)
Shoulder-width/wider stance out with slow, gradual weigh transfer back to load position; uncoils on the ball with above-average bat speed, particularly when he gets a pitch to drive on the inner half. Tendency to work as a slap hitter oppo, having likely learned to do that because of his foot speed, but he’s got real pop from center field to the right field foul line and he could stand to sit back and work the pull side more often. Good leadoff hitter for Mt. San Antonio College right now, though; will take pitches and work long counts, particularly early in the game when teammates are trying to see a starter; comfortable deep in counts and seems pretty calm and comfortable hitting with two strikes. Tracks the ball well; above-average hand-eye coordination and barrel skills; good understanding of how to put the ball in play and get on base, even when down in the count. Traits are there for a future above-average hitter.

Power (40/60)
LHH pop in his bat is real, and easy to come by; needs to sit back and drive the ball back up the middle and to the right side more often, though; tendency to get out front to slap the ball for contact to the left side as an easy way to get on base. When he keeps his weight back, tall, lofty power shows up through above-average bat speed and surprising hand/wrist strength. Easy bat path to produce right-center field home run alley with some feel for barrel manipulation; natural loft in his swing to hit the ball in the air to his pull side with authority. Work to be done here to see the ball deep and still replicate line drive pop to opposite field side; Jekyll/Hyde look at the plate at times: impressive power to his pull side, but weak slap ground ball contact to the opposite field, both to extremes and neither co-mingling.  

Glove (40/50)
Serviceable outfielder with good chance of becoming full average. Athletic with speed, and will run down plenty of balls off the bat. Tracks well and moves back to right-field corner with ease; as a left-handed thrower, naturally opens up to glide well into right-center gap. In one look , lost focus on defense and misplayed a ground ball single in a key situation; came in noticeably disappointed with himself. More of a focus issue than a physical one; natural talent will self-correct as he gets more innings under his belt.

Arm (45/60)
Long arm action; decent and low-key impressive arm strength from the outfield; good carry on his throws, with some velocity and consistency. Some tendency to be inaccurate and overthrow to bases, but will make adjustments in time; has mechanical ability to get on top of the ball and keep it online, but execution lacks at points. Raw arm strength is there; he’s going to be a good right fielder and fits naturally; could slide into center field role with plus speed, but arm plays well in right with athleticism to help chase down balls in the gap.

Speed (60/70)
Timed up the line from the LHH box at 3.96, 4.01, 4.07, and 4.09 (no bunts); got him on a 4.40 turn around first to second. Legitimate plus speed; beats routine ground balls to the left side of the infield, but still very raw in using it. More of a slap-and-run hitter than a mature base stealer, and that type of speed game won’t translate as well when he moves up to higher levels. Needs some inevitable seasoning to learn how to steal bases, but objective foot speed is more than enough with which to work, and high physical upside suggests even a bit more speed may be coming.

Lean and muscular; huge physical upside with lots of room upon which to build; listed at 6’0″, 185 lbs., but more of a wiry strength without bulk right now. Will add considerable muscle in the next few years, but body should remain lean and athletic through it. Expect considerable bump for all tools in next two years; will be a toolsy physical specimen through prime; raw, high risk, but very high upside. Along with Tanner Brubaker, Elijah Greene is arguably the most true, best junior college MLB Draft prospect we’ve yet seen in 2018.

MLB Draft
Serious follow for the 2018 MLB Draft with abundant physical upside and toolsy base for an org to build upon. Raw as you’d expect all JuCo freshman to be, but very high upside with plenty of projection into dynamic multi-tool player. Assuming the next two months continue like this, I’d be surprised if his name isn’t called in the 2018 MLB Draft in June; likely complex league target this summer with probable short-season and possible Low-A landing spot in 2019.

OFP (60 FV)
We’ve profile a few toolsy junior college outfielders recently — Corbin Williams, Steele Ledford, and Ezele Wicks — and I think it’s instructive to see them (for various reasons, all 50 FV) put up against Elijah Greene. Whereas those three have a reachable, realistic ceiling as everyday contributors at the big league level based on their tools, Greene is truly a step above in each category and, thus, his realistic ceiling is one of a difference-maker at the next level. His road will be as long as the one ahead for Ledford, or Williams, or Wicks, and Greene is just as raw and high-risk a potential MLB Draft pick as the rest, but his physicality, age, raw tools, and abundant athleticism have a chance to come together and be more than just solid. Whereas Williams, Ledford, and Wicks will likely fly under the pro radar a bit, especially early on, Elijah Greene has the type of raw, loud talent to land early on prospect lists and draw considerably more attention; if he puts it all together, he’s a speed-power combo hitter with a plus outfield arm, and so it’s an easy sell to bump him to a 60 FV at ceiling. MLB ETA: 2023.

Elijah Greene Scouting Report, Mt. San Antonio College — Game Video

In addition to our Elijah Greene scouting report, we have game video below. You can get more Mt. San Antonio College prospect videos when you click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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