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Coby Kauhaahaa Scouting Report

Orange Coast College

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Hit (40/50)
Well balanced at the plate with a short, compact stroke. Shoulder width and conventional in stance before he sits down and back into his load; very quick hand path to the ball. Bat path showed more of a tendency for ground ball contact in my looks, but he’s got some barrel feel already and very good plate coverage; will hit to all fields as he develops. Bunting is a legitimate part of his game; will bunt for a base hit down either base line, with enough speed and more than enough consistency in executing it down in fair territory to make it a real weapon. Good athlete with good hand eye-coordination; tracks the ball well; shot here to become a good professional hitter.

Power (30/35)
Less developed than most of his tools and likely to remain below-average through ceiling. Will have some sneaky pop, particularly gap to gap, but swing mechanics and contact skills aren’t as tailored to sell out for raw power. Swing tailored to hard contact and should hit far better for average than for power as he grows. Physically strong enough to sneak a few bombs with age, and good bat speed will help considerably there, but more likely to fall into table-setter/spark plug role with feel for hit tool and ability to get on base.

Glove (45/55)
Moves well laterally at second base; good glove man with easy feel for some of the weird angles and unique throws at the position. Takes charge on defense; loud, vocal, wants the ball on pop-ups and will float deep into shallow right/center field to get it; pro range in that area already — seems to have picked up key skills in that pop-up no-man’s land that typically manifest in more advanced infielders. Surprisingly athletic on defense; great situational awareness with feel to move and anticipate situations. My FV may actually be selling his glove short a bit; lots of upside here with good base.

Arm (45/55)
Good arm strength even in looks from second base; gets on top of the ball well, with good velocity and accuracy; consistent arm that’s more than enough for the position. Should likely have enough success to play on the left side of the infield too — perhaps in some sort of platoon/utility role — but I like the polish at second base and think there’s a viable pro future for him there.

Speed (50/55)
Timed 4.29 up the line to first from RHH box; 3.97 on a base hit bunt. Good speed and will use it, with bunting a legitimate part of his game. Decent first step and runs hard; really gets going a few steps in with a full head of steam. Good hustle guy with what look to be pretty solid work habits. Over-achiever type who is going to be a sneaky-good baserunner/base stealer as he develops.

Played a decent amount as a true freshman for Cal State Fullerton before transferring back to Orange Coast College; advanced ballplayer, both defensively and at the plate. Mature approach all around and plays like he’s got experience; carries himself like a pro in a way similar to El Camino College‘s Matthew Beserra. Good handle on the game. About as low risk as you can get with a JuCo bounce-back guy; polished with some poise and maturity; actually executes consistently. Good physicality through his frame; listed at 6’1″, 195 lbs. with solid build throughout and strong lower half. Not a ton of physical projection left in his frame compared to some of the guys you’ll see at this level, but should be plenty physically durable in the future to handle an everyday role.

MLB Draft
Will be interested to see how much MLB Draft interest he gets this summer; having a solid year for a somewhat down Orange Coast College team and figures to be NCAA Division I quality if/when he does return to four-year ball next year. Not as toolsy and physically projectable as most JuCo MLB Draft guys you see, but far more polished with better consistency in execution across his tools; to that end, Coby Kauhaahaa should move slightly quicker through development path than you’d expect a JuCo guy to move, and that may entice certain organizations.

OFP (50 FV)
As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a second base prospect, but Coby Kauhaahaa is about as close as it gets. Likely natural fit as a platoon/utility guy with athleticism and arm to work on the left side of the infield too, but at ceiling, Kauhaahaa’s got the tools and foundation to work as a good everyday second baseman. Hope to see him a bit more before this summer’s MLB Draft, but there’s some encouraging consistency and maturity here that should manifest itself well in a transition to pro ball. MLB ETA: 2023.

Coby Kauhaahaa Scouting Report, Orange Coast College — Game Video

In addition to our Coby Kauhaahaa scouting report, we have game video below. You can get more Orange Coast College prospect videos when you click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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