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Antoine Mistico Scouting Report

Scottsdale Community College

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Hit (35/50)
Wide-set stance to start; well balanced with moderate leg kick to help weight transfer to back leg. Will leak out front with his hands and is susceptible to being beat down with off-speed, particularly against LHP; doesn’t track as well. Weaker hit tool at present; very raw, but hand-eye coordination and some barrel control should help make it significantly better in time. Regardless of level, needs at-bats; just started playing baseball four years ago and while aptitude is strong, he needs considerable innings to gain experience.

Power (25/35)
Very little power at present; unlikely to develop much power, particularly over the fence, in the future. Weaker hands and wrists, lacking great bat speed. His will be a speed/contact game as a table-setter in the future; potential for some gap-to-gap pop and an occasional home run, but unlikely to build out a ton of power as he develops.

Glove (45/60)
Good glove man in the outfield; played left field in my looks and got good reads off the bat with very good tracking, even on balls hit over his head. Runs very well and covers a lot of ground; will develop above-average range and should be a candidate to move to center field as he grows into more experience in the outfield. Sky’s the limit defensively; high upside and glove could prove to be his carrying tool along with speed.

Arm (40/50)
Below-average arm strength right now but with enough behind his throws to get it to average as he grows; good carry on the ball with enough arm action and arm speed to suggest velocity will come with age; some work to do with accuracy and consistency on throws to targets from left field. As with much of the rest of his game, extremely raw look here that needs a good long toss regimen and a lot more innings in the outfield; enough athleticism to suggest it can improve well with some work and time. Should be fine in left or center in another year or two; probably not as ideal a fit in right.

Speed (50/60)
Timed 4.15 and 4.17 up the line to first base from the LHH box; makings of great raw foot speed that’ll make life hard for opponents as he settles into how to use it, particularly on the bases. Very, very raw here, too, and still learning how to pick his spots to steal bases and use speed in bunt-and-run game, etc. Lots of development ahead, but this is the tool to watch, for it’ll likely be his carrying tool up to pro ball.

Drafted in the 14th round of the 2017 MLB Draft by the Detroit Tigers; really a surprise pick at that point, and very off-the-radar in high school. He’s the younger brother of Los Angeles Angels prospect Michael Hermosillo (who we interviewed for this site last year). Antoine Mistico reportedly had no Division I offers coming out of high school even with MLB Draft position; likely a future Division I talent in the next 18 months unless he goes pro, but he’s going to remain fairly raw for a while and needs a lot to come together in the next two years.

MLB Draft
Selected once already in the MLB Draft; didn’t sign, though the Tigers apparently made a run at him. May well get drafted again out of Scottsdale Community College on raw tools and physical upside alone; definite 2018 MLB Draft follow with high likelihood he’ll hear his name called in a future season if not this June. Plenty of pro projection and physical upside here for an organization to flesh out and refine.

OFP (50 FV)
Reminiscent of a few recent scouting reports that have gone up on this site — Corbin Williams, Ezele Wicks, and Steele Ledford — in that Antoine Mistico is also a fairly high-risk, very raw JuCo talent with great athleticism and (arguably even more) underdeveloped baseball skills. As with those three, the sum total here could turn Mistico into an everyday center/left fielder at ceiling with a very, very long development road ahead and an organizational depth floor. Plenty of work to be done to make Mistico a good pro, particularly on offense, but athleticism and speed will get him noticed and should eventually push him into the minors to begin development road. MLB ETA: 2023.

Antoine Mistico Scouting Report, Scottsdale Community College — Game Video

In addition to our Antoine Mistico scouting report, we have game video below. You can get more Scottsdale Community College prospect videos when you click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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