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Tristen Lutz Scouting Report

6’3” · 210 lbs. · R/R
DOB: August 22, 1998
Milwaukee Brewers

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Hit (45/55)
Short, compact stroke; shoulder-width to start with some knee bend; not a ton of leg kick or significant weight transfer as he leans back into load. Short, efficient swing with quick bat path to the ball. Good natural strength with some feel for barrel manipulation; advanced plate coverage for his age with already some understanding of how to create a bat plane to hit the ball in the air. Good amount of barrel contact with efficient stroke and good pitch recognition; relatively advanced hitter considering age and experience. Power will likely end up being stronger of the two hit tools, but he’ll hold his own with barrel control, situational hitting, etc. as he ages; good hitter, shot to be above-average.

Power (50/60)
Promising raw power that flashes plus in BP with plenty of hard barrel contact gap to gap and over the fence, particularly to pull side. Efficient stroke with good bat speed; enough leverage through lower half with good raw physical strength. Fires off quickly to the ball with good quick-twitch action; plenty of power through lower half and core helps his strong hands and wrists. Barrel path ideal for hitting the ball in the air, particularly to his pull side, where he’s liable to jump out on hard stuff on the inner half and drive it a long ways. Will produce line drive home runs and left-center field gap doubles; considering youth and physical projection, real chance to become a plus power hitter at ceiling.

Glove (45/50)
Serviceable defender in the outfield who moves just fine, tracks the ball well, and holds his own as an outfielder. Played some center and some left in my looks this spring; predominantly played center field in rookie ball in 2017. Got fine jumps and showed a bit of range in my limited look in center, but already has the size that likely points him to a corner spot. With power projection as it is, with above-average arm strength coming, and without above-average speed, almost sure thing he transitions to a corner spot full time in the next few years; likely enough arm strength to play right field, and should produce enough offensively to play either right or left. May stick in center for as long as possible next few years, but I can’t imagine it lasting all the way to The Show. At ceiling, no reason he can’t be a solid, serviceable defender in whichever corner role he ends up.

Arm (50/55)
Decent arm strength at present; quality velocity on his throws in from the outfield with good accuracy. Consistent, standard throwing mechanics with plenty of momentum behind him and through the ball. Throws typically stay on line to target without running or fading arm-side. Promising raw arm strength with good velocity at times; with age and experience, those flashes could push his arm strength up a half-grade (or more?) and point to a future role in right field. For now, enough arm strength to reasonably play any of the three spots, with my personal opinion he’s destined for a corner role having already been noted.

Speed (50/50)
Timed 4.24 up the line from the RHH box. Speed’s fine right now, but I’m skeptical it’ll improve much, and he’ll never be much of a stolen base threat. Tristen Lutz is a big kid who will put on some more bulk to take advantage of power profile as a potential middle-of-the-order threat; that’ll taper him down some and leave speed not a focus. Enough foot speed along with good reads and jumps to reasonably play center field at present, but should find a better long-term fit in the corners with speed tool, as with his arm and glove.

Texas native who the Milwaukee Brewers made their CBA pick in 2017; listed at 6’3″, 210 lbs. and looks pretty close to it in person. Strong kid with physical frame; going to add some muscle in next couple years, but actually fairly well filled out with good muscular base already, especially considering he’s just 19 years old. Likely destined for the Low-A Midwest League this summer; don’t expect the Brewers to rush him, but he’s already fairly advanced relative to age/experience and could move consistently more so than what you’d typically expect of a high-round high school prospect.

OFP (55 FV)
Solid all-around player with good fundamentals and strong base of tools; physically strong kid with a bit of room left to grow, and plenty of projection for that to further develop and come out specifically in his power tool. At ceiling, real chance for Tristen Lutz to become an above-average everyday corner outfielder in the future for the Milwaukee Brewers; floor should look like an up-and-down/utility outfielder if bat doesn’t advance through minors. Ultimately will go as far as power tool projection takes him. Long road/risk ahead, but all things considered, he’s a fairly advanced, promisingly consistent, somewhat lower-risk pick relative to most of his high-upside teenage lottery ticket counterparts. MLB ETA: 2021.

Tristen Lutz Scouting Report, Milwaukee Brewers — Game Video

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