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Bae Je-Seong Scouting Report (배제성)

Right-Handed Pitcher
6’2” · 187 lbs. · L/R
DOB: September 29, 1996
KT Wiz (케이티 위즈) — KBO

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Fastball (45/60)
Good, hard pitch; explodes out of his hand, looks faster than ~90; jumps on hitters. Variable command in my looks; spring training, of course, but struggled to maintain release point and missed high/low more than side to side. Generally pretty straight pitch; occasional arm-side run, particularly when it starts to arm-side, but not a ton of natural life. Decent downward plane from height and high three-quarters release. Just 21 years old and touching 92 in early spring training outing; likely some velocity yet to come as he grows in KBO. Velocity: 88-92.

Slider (30/45)
Tight, hard slider. Inconsistent break; will throw it as a cement mixer with no real break too often; when it does break, almost cut-like action to glove-side with a bit of 11-to-5 depth, but very tight. Throws it hard; indistinguishable out of the hand from fastball. Promising pitch when it’s good, but very inconsistent right now; lacks feel for really making it a true bender, changing shape, etc.; lacks nuance. That said, arm speed and arm action on the pitch are very good, and will be deceptive if he can maintain them while developing consistent, significant break. Probably worth playing around with grip to experiment for depth; not a true strikeout/bat missing pitch at this point. Velocity: 75-79.

Change/Screwball (25/40)
Appeared to throw a screwball with arm side action equal/opposite to his slider but, like his slider, lacked the nuance and feel for this screwball (firm changeup?) in my looks. Will control it fairly consistently to arm-side and gets some life down and off the plate from there, but not enough feel for depth to miss bats. Generally firm, stays on one plane too often, even with late life off to arm-side. As with slider, improvements necessary here to get better/more consistent depth, but arm action and arm speed are good, and pitch is indistinguishable out of his hand. Velocity: 78-82.

Command (25/40)
Control well ahead of command in my spring training looks; missed up and down more with fastball than side to side, and arm showed tendency to lag behind body. Arm swing can get fairly long around back with LHH picking the ball up early; he sometimes struggles to stay on top of the ball as a result of back swing. Can generally control fastball and both off-speed pitches within/around the strike zone, but struggles to dot command side to side. Young enough that there’s time to develop command profile, but short of significant improvement in next few years, his future will be in relief.

Worked exclusively from the stretch in my looks. Very tall set with high, measured leg kick to tall, firm balance point. Some drop and drive through to the plate, losing some of his natural downward plane from height. Fairly long arm swing in the back; tendency to wrap the ball behind his back after breaking hands; will show the ball early to LHH. High three-quarters release point; even with drop and drive, still downward plane to his fastball, particularly playing up when he’s down in the zone. Free, easy, loose arm action with good arm speed and long extension through release; ball really explodes out of his hand; deceptively hard. Lands on line, very slightly closed to the plate; generally finishes fully with momentum on line to target. Fastball and off-speed typically indistinguishable out of the hand; good arm speed across the board. In the stretch, timed 1.32 - 1.39 with a runner on first base.

Tall, long and lean; still just 21 years old with time and room left to grow into his frame. Will put on some good weight in the next few years and should add velocity and power to his repertoire in tandem. Command/control problems in abbreviated KBO rookie season with the KT Wiz (23 walks and 11 wild pitches in 32 innings); stuff needs refinement and consistency in life/depth; more than anything, he needs considerable innings to reach ceiling. Probably enough physical/repertoire upside worthy of a rotation experiment over the next couple years, but fastball velo/feel and present command issues make me think high-leverage relief is his most realistic option ahead.

OFP (45 FV)
Plenty of physical upside and a lot of development ahead with projectable three-pitch repertoire; still just 21 years old and could be worthy of a future rotation role, though command must improve considerably and off-speed stuff has a long way to catch up to his fastball. For me, Bae Je-seong (배제성) is best suited as a future high-leverage reliever; there’s a very good chance he’ll add a few ticks of velo with age, and more innings will improve his off-speed stuff as he further learns how to miss bats. Young with plenty of upside ahead to turn into power pitcher, at least by KBO standards; 45 FV reflects what would be a middle relief/set-up ceiling for me in affiliated ball, though he could well out-pitch that for the KT Wiz (케이티 위즈). MLB ETA: N/A.

Bae Je-seong Scouting Report (배제성), KT Wiz (케이티 위즈) — Game Video

In addition to our Bae Je-seong scouting report (배제성), we have game video below. You can get more KT Wiz (케이티 위즈) baseball prospect videos when you click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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