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Pat McInerney Scouting Report

First Baseman/Outfielder
6’5” · 245 lbs. · R/R
DOB: September 14, 1994
Milwaukee Brewers

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Hit (30/35)
Big, strong kid with shoulder-width start; bigger and slightly slower leg kick in my AZL look in August 2017, but he’s cut that down a bit and sped it up for 2018, perhaps in bid to start later and see the ball deeper before committing. Added a more pronounced two-strike approach for 2018, as well. That said, will swing and miss quite a bit; pitch recognition can be poor, and he’s susceptible to lunging and chasing down on off-speed; will commit early there and get caught out on front foot. Bat speed’s good and plenty of power, but unlikely to ever hit for average with poor strike zone discipline. That said, successful college track record has created a mature approach, and he’ll draw walks and see a lot of pitches, which bodes well against better pitching in the near future.

Power (50/60)
Plus raw power in batting practice; put up nice power numbers in AZL stint last summer, albeit as a 22-year-old playing predominantly against teenagers. Must prove he can continue to hit for power against more age-appropriate competition, but underlying natural strength and power stroke are there. Will hit his fair share of long, towering fly balls as well as some real laser beams; power alley in left center field with bat plane and swing mechanics good for lift. Good bat speed with enough quick-twitch in his imposing frame to really turn on pitches on the inner half and drive them; plate coverage is fine, but haven’t seen a ton of opposite-field power in my looks. Carrying tool potential; must produce.

Glove (45/45)
Decent footwork and lateral movement defensively at first base, especially relative to his size. Hands are reasonably sure with some clear feel for the position, no doubt a testament to his Division I experience there. Liked his hands and look in the outfield, too; he moves better than you’d expect on balls hit in the air and tracks the ball fairly well. Not a speed guy and probably not an above-average pro defender at ceiling, but he’ll hold his own between first base and corner outfield spots well enough while ideally providing his value with the bat.

Arm (45/45)
Arm’s fine; I’ve predominantly seen him at first base, but in very limited outfield looks in the AZL last summer, he showed enough arm strength and accuracy to survive reasonably well as a corner guy. Can’t see too much more development coming here considering age/physical profile, but if he’s put in a corner outfield role in full-season ball in 2018, he’ll handle it fine. Probably a better long-term fit at first base and/or as a designated hitter, though.

Speed (30/35)
Timed 4.45 up the line from the RHH box, and yet, eight steals/no caught stealing in first pro season. Not a base stealer, but likely more a case of a smart/advanced (and older) runner picking his spots and knowing situations against younger, far more inexperienced pitchers. That maturity and situational awareness is nice to have in a guy this size, and I’ll bump him a half-grade because of it assuming he can prove to be a sound base runner at higher levels too, but don’t confuse yourself thinking Pat McInerney is a runner.

Strong, successful college track record at the University of Illinois; four-year guy there who the Milwaukee Brewers signed as an undrafted free agent in June, 2017. Very mature, experienced approach coming into pro ball and it paid off with a solid season in the rookie-level Arizona League in 2017. Considering he was 22 playing against 18- and 19-year-old AZL opponents, he did what he should have done — hit for power, draw walks, crush the ball — but his power profile is for real and Pat McInerney’s got serious size and strength he can put to use against more age appropriate competition in 2018. The margin of error is very small; his physical projection is tapped out, he needs to be in full-season ball now, and ideally he should reach High-A by the end of the 2018 season, considering he’ll be 24 years old in September. Further, he must prove he can produce consistent over-the-fence pop against age-appropriate competition, as power is his only above-average tool and thus the only tool that can conceivably carry him forward. And yet there’s a (small) window of opportunity here for him; if things go perfectly right this summer, he’s got a shot as a platoon/bench power guy.

OFP (45 FV)
Extremely unlikely to ever be more than a platoon guy at ceiling, likely in a first base/corner outfield/designated hitter role as needed in what will probably be an up-and-down capacity. As noted above, there’s a very small margin of error here considering his age and lack of real pro ball experience, and so 2018 will be a prove-it year for Pat McInerney against what really needs to be full-season competition out of the gate. If he falters against full-season pitching this summer, as an undrafted free agent turning 24 years old in September with no minor league track record, the window to make a realistic impact on the Milwaukee Brewers will probably close. But — but! — if he can produce real power and reach High-A by the end of this summer/position himself to start at Double-A in 2019, he’ll reasonably be on track to fight for a platoon/bench power hitter role one day in Milwaukee. Pat McInerney will make a nice undrafted underdog story to watch develop over the next few months; 2018 will be the make-or-break year for his pro career. MLB ETA: 2021.

Pat McInerney Scouting Report, Milwaukee Brewers — Game Video

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