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Jecorrah Arnold Scouting Report

Infielder (SS/3B/2B)
6’2” · 190 lbs. · R/R
DOB: January 6, 1999
Boston Red Sox

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Hit (30/45)
Wide-set stance beyond shoulder width, calm bat down on his shoulder to start; simple, quiet lean back into load without much leg kick or stride; well balanced there and throughout swing without real tendency to get caught on front foot. Definite two strike approach where he shortens up and cuts stride even more to simple heel lift; contact guy who generally tracks the ball pretty well and shows surprising early feel to swing at strikes while laying off pitches off the plate. Not a ton of leverage for power yet, but good bat speed and strong hands/wrists with some early flashes of ability to manipulate the barrel and adjust to pitches. Very raw; needs at-bats, particularly against good competition/velocity.

Power (30/50)
Flashes good bat speed with strong hands and wrists; big, strong, physical frame that suggests power could flourish in time, though very little of it to show at present. Lacks significant leverage through stance and stride; oriented more towards contact across the board than really trying to sell out for power, though approach will almost certainly change as he grows into pro game. Physical foundation and upside is there but couldn’t actualize much power in my (admittedly limited) late March BP or game looks. Considering likely defensive/positional future, he’ll have to produce some pop to thrive.

Glove (35/50)
Played third base in my looks, though he played second, short, and third in an abbreviated GCL season in 2017. Hands are soft enough, but inconsistent; needs reps for execution. Reaction times are good with some situational/game awareness already apparent at third base. Big, strong kid already with more bulk and size coming — difficult to imagine him playing any significant second base/shortstop role in the future, and I think his range and profile with the glove will ultimately be a better fit as a corner infielder.

Arm (30/45)
Below average arm strength at present; stays on line well through throws though and finishes strong to target when balanced. Really not enough arm strength to stick at shortstop based on my looks, but no reason he can’t develop enough to be serviceable at third base with it. As with most of his game, likely needs reps and a full throwing program to build out some strength; big kid with size and athleticism on his side who will come into more arm strength in time. Raw, raw, raw.

Speed (45/50)
4.31 up the line from the RHH box; 4.74 on the turn at first base. Surprisingly good speed for his size; lacks first step quickness and really takes him a couple steps out of the box to get to top speed, but he can move a little bit once there. Shouldn’t be a big base stealing threat in the future without that first step quickness; for me, unlikely his speed improves significantly (if at all) as he grows further into his frame and likely settles into more power-oriented corner infield role. That said, encouraging underlying athleticism here that’ll help his defensive footwork and general base running ability even as he gets older.

A rare undrafted free agent sign out of Clarke Central High School in Athens, Georgia in 2017; had been committed to attend Lipscomb University in Tennessee before the Boston Red Sox wooed him to pro ball, reportedly with a $50,000 bonus. Didn’t do much in very limited Gulf Coast League action in his first summer in pro ball a year ago; very, very, very raw young prospect who will likely need another year (or two) in short-season ball through development. Strong, physical kid who really looks both bigger and thicker than his 6’2″, 190-lb. list size; body type to suggest he’ll grow into a powerful, strong athlete towards ceiling in the next few years; to that end, likely ideal defensive role will shift to corner infield, or even corner outfield, though he’ll need to produce pop to capitalize on the move. Lottery ticket at this point; physicality and raw tools have a shot to line up, but it’s going to be a few years — if ever — before it happens.

OFP (50 FV)
Extremely raw and facing a long development road ahead, but more than enough athleticism, physical upside, and raw potential in his tools to dream on Jecorrah Arnold as a potential everyday corner infielder at ceiling. High risk in that projection with serious likelihood that he’ll fall short through development path; lottery ticket who came cheap to pro ball and will present nice value in virtually any role for the Boston Red Sox if he ever makes it. For me, really can’t see him as a middle infielder for much longer moving forward, but he’s going to have to hit — and hit for power — to be taken seriously as a corner infield prospect in the future. The faint outlines of potential are there with ample physical upside; it’s a long-term play, though. Temper expectations the next couple years. MLB ETA: 2023.

Jecorrah Arnold Scouting Report, Boston Red Sox — Game Video

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Bobby DeMuro

Bobby DeMuro is the founder of Baseball Census. A former college and independent league baseball player, he now watches more than 200 games a year working full time for the site. You can follow him on Twitter @BobbyDeMuro for more.

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