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Garrett Munn Scouting Report

Right-Handed Pitcher
6’2” · 195 lbs. · R/R
San Joaquin Delta College

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Fastball (40/60)
Very good arm-side life late to the plate; hard, boring action in on RHH. Will occasionally run inside out of control there, but generally pretty good feel for setting low middle and letting fastball work with natural life. Mostly sat 88-91 in my look; would occasionally flirt with 92-93. Plenty of room and upside to add velocity and retain good, late life over the next couple years. Able to get by predominantly with fastball against lesser lineup in my look, but the pitch has enough life to really get in on even better RHH and allow him to work quickly. Velocity: 88-93.

Slider (35/50)
Tight, hard slider with 11-to-5 break and short depth. Primary breaking ball in my look; good complement to hard-running fastball. Enough feel and extension to get it off to glove-side with consistency, though command of the pitch varies; will control it for strikes and to attack hitters, but not as consistent feel side to side and to specific spots. Not a ton of break to be a full wipeout pitch against better hitters yet, but enough hump with some depth to get off the barrel. Cutter-like at times, but with more depth; will inevitably improve as he learns how to better manipulate it in time; good foundation here to build off in future. Velocity: 79-82.

Changeup (30/45)
More of a show-me pitch in my look; didn’t really need it against the competition (and only one LHH in lineup). Tunnels well with fastball, and shows some arm-side run and modest tumble; arm action is good with comparable speed to fastball; helps sell the pitch. Not as much consistent downward life in my look which, granted, was limited. Could stand to become a good weapon against LHH paired with hard, lively fastball; if rotation future holds, really worth developing this pitch as a third weapon. Velocity: 78-80.

Curveball (30/40)
Slower, bigger variation of slider, though as with changeup I didn’t see the curve quite as much in my look in late March. 11-to-5 break with slightly larger hump and promising depth, though bleeds too close into slider trajectory at points. Some feel for getting it over early for strikes; pretty tight spinner out of his hand. Makings of a serviceable off-speed look already here, likely with improvements to come. Velocity: 74-77.

Command (30/45)
Control ahead of command, as to be expected for his age/level. Extended out to five innings in my look, further than he’d been all year, and command suffered a little bit as he got deeper into the game in uncharted territory. That said, stamina held and he showed great feel to fill up the zone and challenge hitters; will pitch to contact with his fastball in particular, trusting the run and late life on the pitch to get off the barrel and draw weak contact early in counts. Arguably enough life on the fastball to set low middle and let the pitch do its work, but against better hitters he’ll need to show ability to back-door it consistently to glove side, get it in off the plate purposely to arm side, etc., etc. From my look, no outwardly visible reason to think he won’t develop the command profile to flourish as a rotation arm.

Works from the first base side of the rubber to help corral fastball life to arm-side. Pretty conventional mechanical look with short, efficient windup to balance; quick arm action in the back after hand break and up through release. High three-quarters release with good leg drive through to the plate; modest downhill plane through his release helps pitch life. Will recoil some on follow-through and shows tendency to finish tall at points; didn’t really affect his ability to get the ball down in my look, though. Fairly low effort mechanics, especially from the windup; rotation profile early there with plenty of growth and development ahead.

Freshman from Bakersfield; listed at 6’2″, 195 lbs. but looks a little bit thinner; inevitable growth to come, particularly with strength and power through core and lower half. Still a teenager and plenty of time to grow into a stronger, more durable frame; long development road ahead and only scratching the surface of what’s there with stuff and velocity. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s sitting 92-95 a year from now.

MLB Draft
Raw right now and an unlikely MLB Draft follow for this June, but he’s going to open eyes in the next couple years with sneaky-good velo, some pitchability, and control of a deep repertoire. It wouldn’t surprise me if Garrett Munn returns to San Joaquin Delta College next year fully in a rotation role and is drafted out of the school in 2019; legitimate shot to see a nice bump in fastball velocity and late/sharp pitch life across the board as he develops, and he could become a nice MLB Draft arm in the next year or two.

OFP (50 FV)
Still very early in his career and extremely raw in his repertoire and execution, but there’s more than enough here to dream on Garrett Munn as a potential rotation arm in pro ball. Won’t begin to actualize that role for at least a year, if not more, but the foundation is there with some flashes that are exciting to watch. Really need to see him against better competition in an extended outing like this, but he flashed a couple solid offerings in my look and certainly has the foundation and time to build out more over the next few years. Long-term follow; worth checking in on him again next March. MLB ETA: 2024.

Garrett Munn Scouting Report, San Joaquin Delta College — Game Video

In addition to our Garrett Munn scouting report, we have game video below. You can get more San Joaquin Delta College baseball prospect videos when you click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Bobby DeMuro

Bobby DeMuro is the founder of Baseball Census. A former college and independent league baseball player, he now watches more than 200 games a year working full time for the site. You can follow him on Twitter @BobbyDeMuro for more.

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