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Kelyn Jose Scouting Report

Left-Handed Pitcher
6’4” · 195 lbs. · L/L
DOB: May 19, 1995
Toronto Blue Jays

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Fastball (50/55)
Good hard fastball with some natural cut action to glove-side at times. Fairly steep downhill plane and momentum coming through his fastball thanks to powerful leg drive towards the plate coming off good height and long arm. Will put a little on and take a little off at times; primarily sat 92-93 in my look but can touch 95 with ease. Tendency to get off line and pull off to third base side; will take pitch with him, affecting command. Primary pitch in his arsenal, especially against RHH; loves to dial back and throw it. Velocity: 90-95.

Slider (35/45)
Bigger, horizontal, sweeping slider. Flat, without much consistent depth; consistently spinning out horizontal, with 10-to-4 break when at its best. Will miss some bats, particularly LHH, but really struggles to get enough consistent depth/break on it. Looks good coming out of the hand; throws it hard with comparable arm action to fastball, and hides the pitch relatively well. Limited command of the pitch, though; can get it out to glove-side as necessary and use it as a wipeout pitch when ahead in the count, but not much consistent ability to pinpoint it to different corners of the strike zone when he needs to get ahead. Pitch plays up considerably against LHH; more of a struggle to get in on hands and/or underneath bats vs RHH. Velocity: 82-84.

Command (25/35)
Poor command; control below-average, as well. Little ability to hit his spots and inconsistent execution on getting the ball over the plate, compounded by lots of horizontal pitch life late to the plate. No historical track record of consistently throwing strikes (79 walks in 87.1 career innings pitched over four years), and didn’t show consistent ability to work to corners in my look. Without question, command profile points to relief role; chance to be effectively wild out of the bullpen, especially against LHH, but needs to throw more strikes and work ahead more consistently or his days in pro ball will be numbered.

Works from the extreme third base side of the rubber and steps entirely across his body to first base side; lands closed off to the plate and throws across his body. Plenty of deception there, particularly against LHH, but will show the ball early on the back swing to RHH. Turns his back some to the hitter at balance with mild hip turn; three-quarters release point with some spine tilt; follows through hard to glove side/third base line to overcompensate closed-off landing point. Max effort look with some recoil through follow-through; good arm speed through release point with identical mechanics across full repertoire; quirky, unique mechanical look ideal for short-stint situational relief.

Kelyn Jose is listed at 6’4″, 195 lbs. with room left to grow into his body; long and lean with very long legs and modest physical upside remaining, even at his age. Perhaps some power and velocity still to come as he grows, too. Hasn’t been out of short-season ball yet despite entering his fifth pro season with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2018; needs a big prove-it year here in Low-A (and maybe High-A) if he hopes to be taken seriously as a left-handed pitching prospect; stuff is there, if execution can ever consistently follow.

OFP (45 FV)
Pretty obvious profile as a left-handed situational reliever primarily working in high-leverage against left-handed hitters at ceiling; floor well within reach as organizational depth. Despite moving slowly the last four years with the Toronto Blue Jays, there’s still a viable path forward for Kelyn Jose if he can work his way into situational relief as a two-pitch guy, but he needs to move quickly, and he really needs to figure out even modest control and command improvements. Must succeed in Low-A in 2018; if he falters significantly, there won’t be much of a window left to feasibly make an impact down the line. MLB ETA: 2021.

Kelyn Jose Scouting Report, Toronto Blue Jays — Game Video

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