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Frank Rubio Scouting Report & Game Video

Position: RHP
Height/Weight: 6’0”, 190 lbs.
Bats/Throws: R/R
Birthdate: April 23, 1995
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
School: University of Florida
FV (20-80): 40 (Low-Leverage Middle Relief)
MLB ETA: 2020

Dates Observed: June 30 & July 3, 2018

Team/Organization: San Jose Giants (San Francisco Giants)
League/Level: California League (High-A)
Scouting Notes: Low three-quarters down to sidearm righty; short arm action through the back with bent-over upper half through release. Plays with arm angles a little bit; generally right around sidearm, but can sometimes be slightly higher into low three-quarters even from bent-over look. Hides the ball decently well from RHH; works from extreme third base side of the rubber to get a better angle on RHH … Fastball 90-93 in my two looks here; paired with 82-83 changeup, and 78-80 slider. Timed 1.49 – 1.56 to the plate with runners on first base … Fastball shows arm-side run with some sink to it, as expected from arm angle; pitch life plays up considerably when he stays down in the zone; fastball flattens pretty severely when left up, remains hittable on single plane. Far less sharp with it on second night of work, but overall command profile is OK with some inconsistency to arm side when he fails to extend and follow through to finish the pitch. Overall, fastball can be a tough look on RHH on inner half when down; it’ll need to be his go-to pitch there, preferably with more velo, to have any success at higher levels … Sweeping slider shows two-plane break in 10-to-4 path out to glove-side; depth is variable but it’s typically there, OK feel for it especially for a sidearmer, though the slider isn’t much of a wipeout pitch here. Slider command is OK; can consistently finish it out to glove side and it works better when already ahead … Changeup shows some tumble, tunnels OK to arm side along with fastball and can get guys out on front foot at times, though not a ton of velo differential there with firm look to it; ideal for ground ball contact … In all, Frank Rubio is a much tougher out against RHH than LHH; his best bet in the future is as a situational righty used in a highly specialized way in a big league bullpen to get ground balls against RHH. Taken together his repertoire isn’t overly impressive, however, and I’m not optimistic on his stuff turning a corner and becoming any better than average/below-average across the board in the coming years. For me, then, it’s likely Frank Rubio remains organizational depth for the San Francisco Giants with an outside shot at low-leverage middle/long relief to eat innings if/when he does reach The Show.

Game Video:

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Bobby DeMuro

Bobby DeMuro is the founder of Baseball Census. A former college and independent league baseball player, he now watches more than 200 games a year working full time for the site. You can follow him on Twitter @BobbyDeMuro for more.

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