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John Vergara Scouting Report & Game Video

Position: LHP
Height/Weight: 6’0”, 165 lbs.
Bats/Throws: L/L
Birthdate: TBD
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
School: Glendale CC
FV (20-80): 40 (LH Middle Relief)
MLB ETA: 2024

Dates Observed: June 5 & July 10, 2018

Team/Organization: Conejo Oaks (California Collegiate League )
League/Level: College summer baseball
Scouting Notes: Pitching for the Conejo Oaks after apparently taking a gap year in the spring of 2018; spent previous two seasons pitching at Glendale Community College; left-handed short relief with decent stuff for high-leverage/late-inning work. Hip turn closed off to hitter with some deception through mechanics; high three-quarters/nearly overhand release point over the top with good extension out front, decent downward plane on his stuff that plays up when living down in the zone. Some recoil on follow-through; bounces off the mound, light on his feet, ready to field position, though generally lands pretty hard to third base side … Fastball comfortably 85-88 in both June and July looks here, infrequently touching 89; pairs with a slider (76-79) and a changeup (72-74). Fastball is generally straight with life from plane and release point, but it’ll show occasional arm-side life late; challenges hitters with it; throws it a lot. Slider is a sweeper, with life across zone to glove-side; some depth along with it, but slurve-like in break across entire path rather than showing late, hard life. Changeup is a throwback; bigger velo differential than most changeups I see nowadays, with some tumble and fade to arm-side; tunnels OK to fastball at times, sold with pretty solid arm action through release. For me, neither off-speed pitch is a real bat-misser/wipeout offering right now, but John Vergara has a pretty good fastball and enough of a command feel for his entire repertoire that gives him a foundation to grow over the next couple years. Uncommitted heading into the 2018-19 season and looking for a four-year opportunity, John Vergara could prove to be a shrewd mid-level Division I or upper-shelf Division II addition as a bullpen lefty.

Game Video:

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Bobby DeMuro

Bobby DeMuro is the founder of Baseball Census. A former college and independent league baseball player, he now watches more than 200 games a year working full time for the site. You can follow him on Twitter @BobbyDeMuro for more.

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  1. […] Pitcher, Pos.Notes & Comments Gerry Ramirez, RHP, Glendale CollegeImpressive seven-inning start here that had (granted, a pretty weak) Arroyo Seco lineup on their heels. Fastball 83-87; Curveball 65-70; slider 74-76. Curve and slider distinct from each other; real feel to pop the big, slower curveball in for a strike early, and then was able to go to the slider late in counts to wipe guys out, particularly RHH who were susceptible to it off the plate glove side when he was able to expand the zone. Good arm strength through the outing, consistent velo, but faded a little bit down the stretch; pitch life seemed pretty consistent, command held up. Held runners OK, I had him 1.41 – 1.52 to the plate with runners on base; not much throwing help from catcher but he should manage running game well enough with average catcher. Logged 35.1 innings at Glendale this spring; will return there as a sophomore this coming year, from what I’m told; with a little bit of a velo bump and modest development across the board, he should make himself into a pretty attractive pitching prospect eight or ten months from now.. John Vergara, LHP, UNCOMMITTEDUncommitted in technicality; John Vergara is reportedly about to sign with UC Irvine; good for him, considering his remarkable summer, really came on strong lately. Pitched an inning in the prospect game on Wednesday and was back for a two-inning save this evening against Arroyo Seco on back-to-bakc nights. Velocity dipped very slightly; 84-88 in this look compared to a typical 86-90 in my past, but he still challenged hitters and showed feel to climb the ladder when ahead, get bad swings out of the zone. Slider slightly slower than it’s been in previous outings, too — just 73-77 today (typically 76-79), but still missed a few bats with good tilt, hard late break. Across the board it’s been a very encouraging summer for John Vergara, and it’s good to see him now on the Division I door step. You can read more about him here. […]

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