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Tommy Eveld Scouting Report

arizona diamondbacks baseball prospects tommy eveld scouting report
Name: Tommy Eveld
Position: Right-Handed Pitcher
Birthdate: December 30, 1993
Ht/Wt: 6’5”, 195 lbs.
Bats/Throws: R/R
Hometown: Coral Springs, Fla.
High School: Tampa Jesuit HS
College: University of South Florida

Report Date(s) — May 21-24, 2018; June 29 – July 3, 2018

Affiliate (League): Visalia Rawhide (California League)
Level (Org): A-Advanced (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Body/Mechanics: Tall, thin, and lean build; former football player with some toughness and a bit of muscle; overall size and build OK, but still pretty lean in it with room to fill out with age. At or near physical projection now, not a ton of upside through growth, but should continue to fill out nicely as he ages, particularly through his lower half, which is exceptionally lean right now. Quirky mechanical look that wreaks havoc on right-handed hitters in particular; turns his back to the plate with deception, natural knack for hiding the ball from RHH through wind-up and towards release. Closed-body landing, high three quarters release with follow-through back across body to first base side, and good downward plane through finish at the plate; never really in line through delivery; tough to sync up for hitter, particularly RHH. That said, tendency to get overly horizontally rotational through delivery and can get very off-line in landing spot and release point to the plate. Mechanical issues come and go, creating command problems at times. When he’s on, he’s really on; when he’s off, it’s a struggle to re-adjust mechanically to get back into a workable delivery in sync and on line to the plate. Reps needed; former football quarterback who needs to build out some muscle memory, catch up on the baseball side, and he may well iron out inconsistencies nicely.

Command/Control: Command and control profiles are both variable for Tommy Eveld, and highly dependent on good/bad mechanical days as discussed above. Broadly, control ahead of command with both generally below-average; pitch life across his repertoire is above-average, and so he should be ticketed for bullpen work. Some ability here to be effectively wild, particularly if he can refine and minimize bad mechanical/delivery days; lots of moving parts with life through entire repertoire fit naturally there; deceptive and tough to square up.

Pitch Type

Hard pitch with arm-side life very late at the plate; ball really explodes out of his hand and to the plate with some giddyup, even at present velo band. Sat 92-95 in across all my 2018 looks; aided by downhill plane out of the hand, which played up when commanded down, but somewhat flat at times and tendency to really flatten to one plane when left up in the zone. Nevertheless, power potential there for late-inning work with life to get off barrels and, in particular, really bore in on RHH to make life difficult.

Really liked what I saw here; arguably his best pitch, sat anywhere from 85-90 across several looks with real hard, sharp look to it. Late break; definite tilt with some depth, more break than a hard cutter and surprisingly good feel for it out of the hand. Great arm action sells it out of the hand; above-average potential here in time, big league-quality off-speed pitch with depth that should really work well for him in future high-leverage situations.

Show-me pitch early through warm-ups; didn’t see it much in game action. Sits about 81-84 but I need more data here; regardless, he’s a one-two guy with the fastball/slider and shows little need or interest in throwing much else right; depending on how he’s used in late-relief moving forward, two-pitch look is likely enough, but maybe worth developing changeup a little bit as a show-me third that can get used infrequently against LHH.

Analysis/Projection: From those in the know who I’ve spoken to about Tommy Eveld, the Arizona Diamondbacks are fairly high internally on him; the thought is, if they’re able to correct some of his off-line mechanical flaws and consistently get him lined up through the plate at release, even with the back-turn deception in his delivery, he could move fairly quickly as a late-inning arm with some ability to miss bats in high-leverage situations. Eveld is a high-energy guy who seems to really turn it on in tight, key situations late based on my several looks already through 2018; his hard-hard pitch profile further reinforces that late-inning, high-leverage potential. Too old to be in High-A, Tommy Eveld is nevertheless young in baseball age because of his high-level college football background; if he can catch up some in the next year or two, he may be a serious contender to throw high-leverage innings late in games for the Arizona Diamondbacks one day.

Overall Future Potential (Realistic Role): 55 FV (High Set-Up/Mid-Closer)
MLB ETA: 2019

Tommy Eveld Scouting Report — Game Video

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