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Carlos Bustamante Scouting Report

arizona diamondbacks baseball prospects 1 carlos bustamante scouting report
Name: Carlos Bustamante
Position: Right-Handed Pitcher
Birthdate: September 25, 1994
Ht/Wt: 6’0”, 190 lbs.
Bats/Throws: R/R
Hometown: Navajoa, Sonora, Mexico
School: None

Report Date(s) — July 1, 2018

Affiliate (League): Visalia Rawhide (California League)
Level (Org): A-Advanced (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Body/Mechanics: Undersized, somewhat shorter than list height and heavier than list weight. No physical projection in frame; will have to work hard to maintain shape/body with age; risk of putting on bad weight. Stocky; perhaps modest muscular/power potential through lower half but really no physical upside remaining. What you see is what you get … Middle of the rubber to start, lands more or less on line (slightly closed) to target with decent upper body feel for staying on line through hand break and arm swing up towards release. High three-quarters, nearly overhand release point; ideal look there for his splitter, makes most of modest plane at that release. Falls off hard to first base side at finish, sometimes pulling the ball out with him. Had him 1.51 – 1.55 to the plate with runner on first base; overall, not a great athlete, average/below coming off the mound to field his position, etc.

Command/Control: Control ahead of command; strike thrower who will broadly challenge hitters (80 free passes in his first 234 career innings), but lacks pinpoint command side to side. Stuff shows tendency to fall off line with hard finish through to first base side, will yank ball out with him at times; other times, leave pitches high and arm-side when late through arm swing. Further lacks command feel of power off-speed stuff; can get it in the zone or as wipeout to challenge hitters, but didn’t show great feel for pinpoint execution in short stint work here.

Pitch Type

Four-Seam Fastball
Fastball OK; not a ton of late life, pretty straight look on one plane works as a set-up pitch for more lively off-speed late. Velo fine but not overpowering, sat 92-94 in this look. Occasional modest downward life thanks to high release/plane, but inconsistent/variable.

Two-Seam Fastball
Slightly more arm-side life than the four-seamer, but not a ton of distinction or difference. Will use more often against RHH to get in on hands, but even then lacks real command feel to live in there. Sat 89-92 in this look; as with four-seamer, overall below-average without a ton of projection.

Good depth on hard, sharp splitter; by far his best pitch in this look. Sat 81-85 with real power, good, quick arm action behind it; tunnels to fastball well, and gives late, hard dive at the plate. Lacks feel for it, though; too many buried in the dirt early in counts, needs to better pepper the lower third of the zone early, but real wipeout potential here late that drew some poor swings, became go-to with two strikes.

Good complement to splitter, break at 11-to-5 with sharp, but compact depth. Sat 79-82 in this look with identical arm action/speed out of the hand, appeared tough for RHH to pick up spin. Break plane isn’t huge, more like a cutter with more depth, but decent complement to splitter with look that goes glove-side; some utility against LHH in on hands, perhaps.

Analysis/Projection: If he’s ever to reach the big leagues, it’ll be the splitter and slider that give Carlos Bustamante the best shot to do so. An otherwise unremarkable right-handed middle reliever without much velo, pitch life, or projection through the rest of his profile, Bustamante throws a good, hard splitter that at times truly overmatched High-A hitters in a long stint during this look. He’s hittable otherwise, though, without enough projection in velo or pitch life on his fastball early to consistently set up the splitter the way he’ll need to against better opponents. To that end, an org depth future is likely for Carlos Bustamante with maybe a slight chance he squeaks out some time in low-leverage middle relief at ceiling. Bustamante has lots of Mexican League experience in his past, too, and he may well pitch there for a long time after he runs out of chances in affiliated ball stateside; not a bad potential future, all things considered.

Overall Future Potential (Realistic Role): 40 FV (RH Middle Relief)
MLB ETA: 2020

Carlos Bustamante Scouting Report — Game Video

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