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Bobby DeMuro — Founder, Baseball Census

Bobby DeMuro founded BaseballCensus.com in January, 2017, with the mission of diving deeper on covering minor league baseball and the game’s top prospects and rising stars. A former professional pitcher himself (yes, he’s even on Baseball Reference), Bobby wanted a deeper look at the minor league levels of the professional game than what was consistently, publicly available—and so, here we are.

There’s not much more to tell; Bobby loves baseball, the site’s about baseball. He’s passionate about player evaluation and player development, he loves spending time at the ballpark, and he’s not afraid to get out on the road for a few weeks at a time to scout players. He’s also writing this site in the third person. Enough!

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Bobby DeMuro, author — We Is Blaze

There’s a book? There’s a book!

Bobby is writing We Is Blaze — a book about the 2016 Bakersfield Blaze, and the story of their final summer in professional baseball before getting shut down and moved to North Carolina. Gone with the team were 75 years of affiliated pro ball history in Bakersfield, and the story of their final season and demise is… something. You should buy this book, and not just because Bobby needs to pay the rent—it makes for a pretty entertaining story about minor league baseball and the people who make up the industry.

Visit the We Is Blaze page on this site for more information on how, when, and where you can purchase this book, or visit to the official website for We Is Blaze for more pictures, video, behind-the-scenes teasers, and other information about the book and how to purchase it.

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