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Use the contact form below and we will receive your message directly and be back with you promptly. Whether you have questions, requests, comments, corrections, or whatever else, we’d love to hear from you and hope to assist you in any way that we can.

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If you would prefer, or if you have trouble with the contact form, you can contact us directly with your questions and comments by one of the following methods:

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Contact Bobby DeMuro

If you’d prefer, you can also contact Bobby DeMuro, the founder of Baseball Census, through these methods:

  • bodemuro@gmail.com
  • Twitter — @BobbyDeMuro
  • Facebook — @BobbyDeMuro
  • Instagram — @MrBobbyDeMuro

Contact Us On Social Media

Looking for more social media networks and ways to follow Baseball Census? You’re in luck! Here’s an exhaustive list of everyone of our social media links for those who wish to follow us on all networks, from Twitter and Tumblr, to SoundCloud and Reddit, and more:

  Baseball Census On Social Media  

Whatever you’re looking for, and however you wish to consume it, our extensive social media links will have something for you when it comes to the best, most in-depth coverage of minor league baseball and the game’s top prospects and rising stars. Plus, you can contact us directly (and likely get a faster response!) through those channels, all while communicating with other baseball fans.

Plus, you’ll get all of our exclusive content—pictures, videos, interviews, GIFs, quotes, scouting reports, player profiles, audio, and more—faster than anybody else, and you can stay up to date on breaking news as it relates to baseball’s top prospects and win giveaways and other special events by following our work across all social media.


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