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Jobs in baseball writing are plentiful—if you’re willing to work for very little or no pay—and nearly impossible to keep as a career, should you seek a full-time position writing about the sport for any sort of life-sustaining salary. That market may self-correct, or it may not, but in the meantime the truth is harsh: the talents of those seeking to write about baseball can be had very, very cheap.

In part because of that, as Baseball Census grows, we’ve waited to hire contributors and writers until we had the financial sustainability to really pay for quality talent as an investment. And as we reach that threshold, our focus is on hiring those with multimedia skills and visual sensibilities rather than merely those who can write. We don’t want game recaps or prospect list posts. We don’t want aggregators, and we really don’t want writers who sit at home and synthesize publicly available stats to conjure up think pieces about the game from afar. Other sites do that—some very well!—but that’s not who we are.

We want multimedia journalists who get out to the ballpark to watch early batting practice, talk to players, and take pictures and video. We want our reporters out among the players, covering prospects at a high level because they’re on site, in person, every day and understand the game just as well as the coaches, players, and scouts around them.

Do you know your way around a DSLR camera? Can you shoot high quality photos and videos with it and/or other professional camera equipment while understanding how to synthesize that information to publish scouting reports and longform journalism? Are you comfortable interviewing players at various minor league outposts while taking, logging, and editing pictures and video from the game, transcribing all your quotes, and producing high-level in-depth content on a routine basis? How experienced are you with the basics of HTML, web design, and social media? More than simply having a following on Twitter, can you convert your followers to click through and read your content? If this sounds like you, maybe we’re a fit.

Open Jobs with Baseball Census

We’re not currently looking to fill any full-time positions at Baseball Census. As we grow, we’ll soon have part-time and full-time opportunities open for hire. Stay tuned to this page for updates, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be kept abreast of job opportunities as they come up.

Freelance Opportunities with Baseball Census

Do you have a good idea for a paid freelance piece or series about minor league and/or college baseball, the game’s top prospects, or something related? Pitch us — we’re eager to hear it and see if there’s a fit. Click here to send us a pitch email discussing your topic, scope, length/series, any multimedia aspects, and pay rate.

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