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In the very early days of Baseball Census, we have very purposely kept the site free for all and resisted the urge to go behind a paywall. our vision is to provide the deepest, highest quality publicly available database of scouting reports, data, and video on baseball prospects from the minor leagues and college baseball, and we are well on the way to that goal. But doing so doesn’t come cheap — and we need your help if we are to continue to bring this content at such a high level year in and year out.

For one, we ask all those that come to our site to turn off whatever ad blockers you may be using when you visit Baseball Census. We advertise primarily through Google Ads served on our site and we make money based on the number of impressions and clicks that are drawn from those ads. To that end, ad blockers kill an important revenue stream for us—not to mention for our advertisers—and they prevent us from being able to make this a sustainable endeavor producing high-quality baseball prospect content. We thank you for your support in this matter; if you feel as though a Google ad placed on our site is unintentionally invasive (i.e. it functions as a pop-up ad, it has an auto-play that turns music or video on without you doing so, etc.) please click here and send us an email detailing information about the ad in question and what page you found it on.

Another way to support Baseball Census is simply by subscribing to our YouTube channel and watching our videos on the network there. We make a significant portion of our revenue from YouTube ads based on our total number of subscribers there, the number of people who watch our videos, and how long they watch, and we thank you for all the continued support on YouTube to help us increasingly fund this effort towards becoming a sustainable media business.

Finally, if you’d prefer to reach out directly and support us, you can do so by giving money directly to Baseball Census through PayPal. Please note: we are not a non-profit corporation, and your financial support of us in this instance is not tax-deductible, but any small (or large!) financial support does go a long way to helping us provide the financial resources to continue to travel around the region and the country and continue to produce high-quality baseball prospect content that blankets this site. Whether you just found us recently or you’re a long time reader of the site, if you like the content we’re producing (totally for free!) here at Baseball Census and you want to show your support with financial assistance, we would greatly appreciate it.

Every year, more people read Baseball Census than ever, but advertising rates and revenues across digital media continue to fall. Unlike many major baseball and sports reporting outlets, we haven’t put up a paywall, because our core mission is to provide the most extensive free, publicly available baseball prospect database on the internet. And to that end, we need your help, because our extensive travel schedule and high-quality baseball prospect journalism takes time, money and hard work to produce. To financially support Baseball Census with any amount of money you choose, click this button and send in your desired amount through our safe, secure account on PayPal:

Click HERE to financially help Baseball Census

We thank you all, again, for the continued financial support of Baseball Census. It sustains us more than you probably realize in an environment where advertising revenues alone can’t provide a realistic business model for digital media outlets, particularly small independent ones like this website that rely on the support of our small (but growing!) reader base.

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More people are reading Baseball Census than ever, but advertising revenues across digital media continue to fall. Unlike many sports media outlets, we haven’t put up a paywall, because our core mission is to produce extensive, high-quality prospect content that is free and available for all. To that end, we need your help. Our baseball content takes time, money, and lots of hard work to produce. If you like what you read on the site, click the support button and help fund Baseball Census by sending any amount of money securely to us via PayPal:

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