Using This Site

For coaches and scouts serious about their subscription to Baseball Census, here’s a quick rundown of how to navigate our work in a way that can benefit you. First, we provide several free, publicly available prospect profiles so you can better understand what you’re getting when you subscribe to Baseball Census:

Xavier Dubon, 2022, RHP, Los Angeles Valley College
Aaron Harper, 2022, SS, Mt. San Jacinto College
Carmelo Hernandez, 2022, C, Los Angeles Pierce College
Josh Landry, 2022, LHP, Cypress College

Along with that, the frequently asked questions page answers a lot of common questions about this site, and the testimonials page hosts a series of comments from current subscribers familiar with our work.

OFP Grades

Every prospect evaluated on this site is given a numerical OFP rating between 1.0 and 4.0 in an attempt to distill player groups by talent level so coaches and scouts can quickly determine which prospects (and which talent levels) are most worth pursuing. The OFP Grade isn’t a mathematically rigorous number, but a broad estimation, roughly to be followed like this:

4.0 OFP — High Level (MLB Draft, D1)
3.0 OFP — Mid Level (Small D1, D2, NAIA)
2.0 OFP — Low Level (Small D2, D3, NAIA)
1.0 OFP — Org Depth (small school ceiling)

Of course, scouting each player is far more nuanced than reducing his entire baseball future to a single number, and there will be exceptions within those OFP grades (i.e., a 3.0 OFP player who gets drafted, a 4.0 OFP prospect who fits best at an NAIA program, etc.). Obviously, each coach and program will quickly learn which OFP level(s) and which type of players best fit your own program; simply take the grading system as a jumping-off point meant to loosely categorize groups of players to help streamline the selection process.

Database and News Feed

The JuCo Database page holds all of our scouting reports and player videos, all logged by prospect, school, position, height, weight, and OFP grade. The News Feed is updated from time to time with posts analyzing specific groups of players, highlighting notable uncommitted recruits, and more. Aside from the free profiles (above), you must subscribe to Baseball Census for full access to the database and the news feed.