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Syndication and Copyright — Baseball Census

 Everything (including, but not limited to, pictures, videos, GIFs, interviews, player quotes, scouting reports, and more) that you see published by Baseball Census and, on this website as well as our social media channels, is syndication and copyright protected as the intellectual property of Baseball Census. You may not re-print, re-publish, or re-use any of our content for commercial purposes or otherwise without express written permission.

In plain English, here are some things you can’t do with our copyright content:
  • You may not ‘rip’ our site or YouTube videos and re-publish them on your own media player or under your own YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook account.
  • You may not pull off our photos and use them for your article, blog post, or publication without express written permission from Baseball Census founder Bobby DeMuro.
  • You may not rip entire articles or large portions of our pieces published on this site, including but not limited to extensive re-publication of quotes and interviews obtained exclusively by Baseball Census.
But there’s good news, too! Here’s what you can do with our copyright content:
  • You may embed our videos in your pieces and blog posts. In fact, you should. We watermark all of our videos for branding; so long as you embed straight from YouTube rather than rip and re-upload, it’s all good!
  • You may contact us and ask about pictures for your use. Depending on the picture/player in question, we’re likely to grant one-time use permission on many of our watermarked pictures.
  • You may use one or two quotes or small pieces of a player interview under fair use when aggregating our content for your blog or website. Did we do a big interview with a player that interests you? It’s well within your right to drop in a quote from the piece, and link back to our work. Go for it! You just can’t copy the entire thing.
Do you have any questions?
  • Send us an email if you’re curious about something.
  • Follow @BaseballCensus on Twitter, or like @BaseballCensus on Facebook, if you still need more.

Syndication and Content Licensing

We do not currently make our content available for large-scale syndication or content licensing. For custom licensing needs, or if you have a particular syndication pitch you’d like to make to us, email us at and we can discuss. Furthermore, for those interesting in licensing portions of the video content from our extensive prospect video database on YouTube, please email us at the address listed above to discuss payments, etc.

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