Since the beginning of 2018, Baseball Census is proud to have built strong relationships with scouts, recruiting coordinators, and college baseball coaches across the country. Below are testimonials from a handful of satisfied baseball personnel with whom we’ve worked.

“Bobby and the people at Baseball Census are doing yeoman’s work for helping to bring quality scouting and analysis of junior college players to the vast world of four-year college baseball. Being in the Northeast, it can be difficult for us to follow up on players from the heralded CCCAA. Over the past few years I’ve used Baseball Census’ videos and reports to help connect the dots on many junior college players from the Golden State. I highly recommend any four-year baseball program to use this scouting website. You will not be disappointed.”
Joshua MacDonald
Recruiting Coordinator, University of Connecticut

“California junior college baseball has been the lifeblood of our program spanning back over the past three decades. When we ran across Baseball Census last year, it completely changed the game for us. With Bobby, we are able to see progression and have eyes on guys out there throughout the course of the entire year, where in the past we only got to lay eyes on guys for a two-week period when we were out there in the Fall and Summer. Bobby is very thorough in his evaluations, the quality and content on the site are unreal. It was a huge aid in helping us land multiple guys in the first year of using it. Without it, I don’t think we have some of those guys on campus this year.”
Chris Cox
Head Coach, Oklahoma Baptist University

“Baseball Census has helped improve our program by allowing us to get credible numbers and videos on some of the best junior college talent in the country. Bobby has done an amazing job at putting together top-notch reports and videos on California JuCo players and it has become a great resource for our program. We have several guys on our team now because of Bobby’s work and our staff will continue to use his website in our recruiting process. I highly recommend his website to any college coach or professional scout.”
Jared Martin
Assistant Coach, University of the Cumberlands

“Baseball Census has been an invaluable resource for our recruiting efforts. The reports that Bobby has put together, accompanied by video, allow us to see prospects from a completely different part of the country without ever leaving the office. It is broken down by position so it saves us time, and it’s easily searchable for what our specific needs are. It is something we use often.”
Brian Karlet
Assistant Coach, Marshall University

“Baseball Census has changed the way junior college players are being scouted and recruited. It has become a cornerstone of our recruiting process and how we evaluate potential student athletes. Bobby DeMuro does a phenomenal job with game footage of each player and provides accurate scouting reports that are incredibly important in making a proper decision on potential recruits. This allows our program to see a wide variety of players during our busy season when there is not much time to get away to go watch junior college games. I strongly suggest any college program use Baseball Census as a recruiting tool. Thank you for all your hard work and helping us find difference makers from the junior college level.”
Collin Crowl
Assistant Coach, California Lutheran University

“Bobby DeMuro has not only given exposure to one of the best talent pools in all of junior college baseball, but he has also created a reliable and accurate resource that all college coaches should be investing in. Bobby is a tireless worker, incredible evaluator of talent, and an extraordinary communicator. Bobby and Baseball Census have strengthened our recruiting classes and become the most reliable and accurate resource we go to for California junior college recruiting.”
Brett Neffendorf
Recruiting Coordinator, Campbellsville University

“Baseball Census has been a key tool for our program on the recruiting side of things. Bobby does a great job covering the entire state and produces reliable reports and clear video that we refer to often. The Baseball Census site is easy to use and well organized. I would recommend it to every coach at the four-year level.”
Brycen Campbell
Recruiting Coordinator, Point Loma Nazarene University

“There is no denying the value of junior college baseball players to both four-year schools and professional organizations. Unfortunately, information on these athletes has been scarce for too long, and it is a challenge to see many junior college prospects first-hand in what is already one of the busiest times of year for baseball. Bobby and the Baseball Census team have offered a valuable resource with in-depth reports on hundreds of these players. For pro organizations and four-year schools, Baseball Census has become a must-have when evaluating junior college players.”
Josh Handler
Replay Reviews, Major League Baseball

“We are absolutely appreciative and grateful for the commitment and tremendous time dedicated to California Community College Baseball and its players that Bobby and Baseball Census provides for their exposure and opportunities. We are fortunate to have such a great asset and resource, especially one who is so accurate and knowledgeable. Selfless is Bobby DeMuro!”
Rudy Arguelles
Head Coach, Riverside City College

“The videos and reports that Bobby puts together on Baseball Census is a huge resource for our recruiting efforts in the CCCAA. Being up in Northern California it is difficult to see the Southern California teams play throughout the season, but Bobby’s great videos and information on players is an invaluable tool for us to recruit what we are looking for at each position. Every coach should have an account and be appreciative of the great work Bobby does on Baseball Census.”
Andy Burschinger
Pitching Coach, Chico State

“Bobby and I have talked for a while about junior college baseball, and what it needs to take the next step forward, and I think he’s hit it right on the head. What Baseball Census has done for junior college baseball is so unique and valuable for both the players and coaches across the level. I remember seeing so many of my teammates and opponents unable to reach the four-year level they deserved simply because of the lack of reliable scouting information and video available about them. Junior college players bring so much value to four-year teams in maturity, experience, and talent. This platform not only allows coaches to see the reports and video necessary to recruit deserving junior college players, but it also show high school players that junior college baseball is a viable route to take on their journey to the next level.”
Collin Theroux
Professional Baseball Player, Oakland Athletics

“Bobby’s baseball mind is just as brilliant as his work ethic, undeniably committed to the game and his craft. I highly I doubt too many others have seen and scouted as much baseball as he has over the last few years. Always willing to drive or fly to see talent! A household name all over the West Coast, ballplayers are always excited when they see him in the stands. Bobby’s evaluations are thorough and his eye for potential is consistent. Bobby definitely knows a good ball player when he sees one. Four -year schools should trust and use his evaluations. Bottom line: if you’re not using Baseball Census, you’re missing out on a resource to not only make your team better, but to make your life as recruiting coordinator a lot easier, too.”
JL Buchanan
Head Coach, Colorado Cyclones (MHCBL)

“Baseball Census has been an excellent resource and service for our program and our players over the last year. The scouting reports on our players have been accurate, professional and very thorough. It has served as a great recruiting tool when it comes to sending updated video and reports to four-year coaches in the recruiting process. I highly recommend the service Baseball Census provides because the detail with everything is high-end!”
Scott Zine
Recruiting Coordinator, Mt. San Antonio College

“It is my great pleasure to recommend Bobby DeMuro of Baseball Census to any four-year college and/or universities. The quality of the player’s profiles and video of the athletes are detailed and top notch. His passion and professionalism is awesome. In 2019, I had 12 players who transferred to four-year institutions on athletic scholarship in large part because of the profiles Bobby produced and the work he did to find fits for them. He’s a great resource to get community college players placed at the university level.”
Shannon B. Williams
Head Coach, Compton College

“I first met Bobby several years ago while he was working on his book about the Bakersfield Blaze. It became evident right at the beginning that he was passionate about the game of baseball. After he came to several of our games, he posted video and scouting reports on our players. He was spot-on with his player evaluations, and we used his video and reports to help get our sophomores on to the four-year level. Bobby provides a great service to players and coaches with video, stats, and scouting reports. I highly recommend any college program use him as a placement resource.”
Vince Maiocco
Head Coach, Taft College

“Baseball Census is the answer to a decades-old problem. Four-year universities and colleges have previously had to rely on a few community college coaches that they trust to give honest evaluations and cross-check recruits for them. Bobby DeMuro has stepped up and filled this role singlehandedly. Bobby is an excellent evaluator of baseball talent and knows how to help find the right fits for each program. I have never witnessed an organization so willing to go above and beyond.”
Jake Portugal
Assistant Coach, San Diego Mesa College

“Baseball Census is an outstanding resource for universities and colleges to easily access thousands of California JuCo players with high-quality video and reports. It’s helped us place our kids at the next level year after year now. You’ll find Bobby at ballparks across California every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday working to get kids to the next level.”
Nico Calderaro
Pitching Coach, Pasadena City College

“I ran across Bobby when I was in the California League in 2016 and 2017. His professionalism struck me right from the start. He had well thought-out analyses and he truly learned what type of player I was. He has this unique ability to mesh a players’ view of themselves and his analysis of the player together in a way that provides second-to-none insight, and is always respectful while still holding true to the player’s tools, strengths, and weaknesses. Bobby will sit through 100-degree Bakersfield heat to see guys play, and he did it for us countless times. That’s just who he is.”
Braden Bishop
Professional Baseball Player, Seattle Mariners

“Nobody sees more junior college games than Bobby DeMuro! If you want to know about someone or find someone you don’t know about, chances are he’s seen him and knows all about him. He knows baseball, can assess abilities and is easy to communicate with. Bobby is good for junior college baseball, he’s good for college baseball … he’s just good for baseball.”
Casey Crook
Head Coach, Long Beach City College

“I’ll be doing research for a column and an obscure JuCo guy will come up, where I’ll say ‘Oh jeez, how am I going to find out any info on this guy?’ And sure enough, nine times out of ten, Baseball Census already has a live look and detailed report on him with high-end video and everything right there. I can’t count how how many times this has happened now.”
Wilson Karaman
Senior Prospect Writer, Baseball Prospectus

“Bobby DeMuro has made Baseball Census into a great tool for four-year coaches to recruit players with limited budgets. His reports are very accurate and the video is of the highest quality. His work in helping promote our players has led to many receiving scholarship offers to play at the four-year level, as well as several drawing interest at the professional level. Thank you Bobby and Baseball Census for all you do!”
Jimmy Walker
Athletic Director, Ventura College