We Is Blaze — Baseball In Bakersfield

We Is Blaze — Bakersfield’s last stand

Professional, affiliated baseball has been around in Bakersfield, California since 1941… all the way up through 2016, when the Bakersfield Blaze played out their final games of the summer, packed up, and shipped out to North Carolina. Leaving behind a loyal-to-the-death front office staff, a few dozen (seriously, only a few dozen) fans, and their historic, quirky former home in Sam Lynn Ballpark, that was it for affiliated ball in Bakersfield. We Is Blaze, set for release at the end of 2018, tells the story of those employees, players, and fans in the final summer of pro ball in Kern County.

Written by Bobby DeMuro, the founder of Baseball CensusWe Is Blaze chronicles the 2016 season of baseball in Bakersfield from the perspective of everyone there: players, players’ wives and girlfriends, front office members, game day and seasonal employees, fans, and even the venerable old ghost of Sam Lynn himself, said to haunt the ballpark with a mysterious “force field” that only ever seemed to help pitchers. With dozens of pictures, hundreds of hours of interviews, and literally tens of thousands of words on the Blaze, baseball in Bakersfield, and Sam Lynn Ballpark, We Is Blaze is the definitive account of the final summer of pro ball in the hometown of Buck Owens and Merle Haggard.

And yes, the book will explain its grammatically incorrect title, too.

We Is Blaze — Buy the baseball book

Check back in this space very soon for links to purchase We Is Blazethe book is in its final stages, and will be available for purchase in late 2018. The book will be available for purchase both as a paperback and in digital versions on Amazon.com; stay close to this space for all the information you’ll need to purchase a copy of the book once it becomes available.

Again, check back soon — there’s good stuff coming.

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