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We scout California (CCCAA) junior college baseball prospects for four-year college programs and MLB organizations.

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Baseball Census
Sentinels (2022.04.19)
YouTube Video UCo_jQU9sNVSt_ADYTa1mxOQ_LGIP5MzigEw
Will Rudy RHP Cal Poly Pomona
YouTube Video UCo_jQU9sNVSt_ADYTa1mxOQ_LFyiA8BLxqY
Dusty Schraeder INF 5/14/21
YouTube Video UCo_jQU9sNVSt_ADYTa1mxOQ_A3mZYp7geI0
Austin Overton OF 5/14/21
YouTube Video UCo_jQU9sNVSt_ADYTa1mxOQ_R_YnvjAjEWw
Collin Mackey C/1B 5/14/21
YouTube Video UCo_jQU9sNVSt_ADYTa1mxOQ_ogvhGHj48Dk
AJ Schrader INF San Diego Mesa College 5/14/21
YouTube Video UCo_jQU9sNVSt_ADYTa1mxOQ_OLZcdSkLgE8
Brandon Smith RHP/3B 5/14/21
YouTube Video UCo_jQU9sNVSt_ADYTa1mxOQ_mUIDFNEmeN8
Ethan Rivera C/1B CSU San Marcos 5/14/21
YouTube Video UCo_jQU9sNVSt_ADYTa1mxOQ_sFvzQBCav5o
Elijah Hernandez C/RHP 5/14/21
YouTube Video UCo_jQU9sNVSt_ADYTa1mxOQ_fPU82eZxXE8